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A bone-forming cell of mesenchymal origin.
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a cell that is involved in bone formation in vertebrate animals and man. Osteoblasts arise during the ossification of skeletal rudiments. In mature bone, they are found only in regions of injury, regeneration, and remodelling. They also take part in the formation and calcification of the intercellular substance of a bone.

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The TGF-[sz] and Wnt signaling pathways are important in osteoblasts. Through the pathway maps, we identified alterations in the expression of Bmpr1a, Tgfbr1, Rock1 , and s p1 , which are involved in the TGF-[sz] signaling pathway [Table 2].
* Suitable ratio for co-culturing peripheral blood mononuclear cells with differentiated osteoblasts was 1 osteoclast: 2 osteoblasts.
miR-22 was found to regulate the fate of MSCs, promoting the differentiation towards osteoblasts and inhibiting adipogenesis in human adipose tissue-derived mesenchymal stem cells (hADMSCs) through the downregulation of HDAC6, a repressor of Runx2, thus underlying an important role in the balance of adipogenesis and osteogenesis [68].
Caption: Figure 4: Cell proliferation analysis of osteoblasts on Ti materials with different surface modification.
Inflammatory bone loss in periodontal disease is due not only to increased bone resorption by osteoclasts but also to suppressed bone formation by osteoblasts [5-8].
In a recent study, we described for the first time the characteristics of prostate cells involved in the production of prostate calcifications demonstrating their similarity with osteoblasts [24].
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These data indicate that [OCN.sup.+] mature osteoblasts in the BM provide important molecule for T cell development [40].
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The cellular constituents of bone include osteoblasts, osteoclasts and osteocytes.
In fact, the different actions of PTH on bone formation and resorption have been intensively studied and new aspects of its connection with the receptor and the intracellular signaling pathways in osteoblasts have been described.
Zinc is valuable in ameliorating the detrimental effects of salt on bones by enhancing osteoblast activity and inhibiting bone resorbing cells.