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A bone cell.
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the bone cell in vertebrate animals and man. Osteocytes are formed from osteoblasts in the development of bony tissue. They consist of cell bodies, which are embedded in the cavities of the intercellular substance of bone, while their long outgrowths are located in channels that extend from the cavities.

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This finding may be due to a negative feedback of the inflammatory mediators on the osteocyte growth and multiplication.
PTH signaling in osteoprogenitors, instead of osteoblasts and osteocytes, is indispensable for B cell differentiation [33].
Osteocyte number increased significantly in both the control and laser groups at the 8th week compared with the 4th week (p < 0.05).
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The results of the present work are particularly noteworthy since relatively large differences in oxide thickness and surface roughness showed no differences in bone microarchitecture, ultrastructure, osteocyte morphology, and the molecular composition of the interfacial tissue after 12 weeks of healing.
Osteonecrosis (ON), which involves the physiological remodeling of bone tissues [1], is thought to be caused by interruptions in blood flow, a decline in the function/number of osteoprogenitor cells, and apoptosis of the osteocytes [2-10].
Histological osteonecrosis was determined as five contiguous empty osteocytic lacunae present in trabecular bone together with the loss of osteocytes [8].
Furthermore, osteocytes utilize GJIC to coordinate bone remodeling in response to anabolic factors and mechanical loading.
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