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A microscopic unit of mature bone composed of layers of osteocytes and bone surrounding a central canal. Also known as Haversian system.



(also haversian system), a system in the bones of vertebrates and man that consists of from five to 20 lamellae arranged concentrically around a haversian canal. It is the structural unit that gives strength to compact bone. Osteons are interspersed with interstitial lamellae. (SeeHAVERSIAN CANALS.)

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Osteons have up to 6-7 plates, indicating greater bone strength.
PFCs are fluorescent calcium chelating agents taken up by live maturing osteoid and remain until the osteon is resorbed.
The secondary osteons of the deepest region of the cortex have wide open vascular spaces suggesting that they are not fully developed.
Active cortical remodeling was present, with the osteons filled with new bone centrally as evidenced by the darker histologic staining.
have been found to have tetracycline markers bound into the cement of their osteons, thereby making it theoretically possible to use modern tetracycline-based methods on ancient remains to determine Haversian system production rates for the Nubian individuals.
Hard bone is composed of units called osteons, which are composed of tightly packed, concentric layers known as lamellae.
Histologically, the experimental femurs demonstrated natural remodeling processes with new osteons and angiogenesis.
As part of the interactive summary, students read a text selection about bones and identified the vocabulary words they did not know, including osteons, cancellous, and marrow.
In addition there are more active osteons per gram in trabecular bone to accomplish resorption and deposition.
Cross-sectional and longitudinal microscopic views reveal tightly packed and aligned lamellar osteons (tubes).