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Surgical division of a bone.
Making a section of a bone for the purpose of correcting a deformity.
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the surgical transection of bone to correct a deformity or to reposition a dislocation. Osteotomy can be linear, transverse, oblique, or curved. It is an open operation in which an incision just large enough to introduce the cutting instrument—an osteotome, chisel, saw, or ultrasonic osteotome—is made in the soft tissues under general or local anesthesia.

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In general, the notion of distraction begins with an osteotomy followed by a linear mechanical force from the distraction device, which assists in directing through the formation of bone.
With regards to the surgical technique employed for extraction most cases were difficult requiring osteotomy with tooth sectioning (n=89, 51.1%) followed by those requiring osteotomy only (n=72, 41.4%).
Axer and Schiller (4) suggested that one of the effects of varus osteotomy was interruption of the destructive phase of Perthes disease and a reduction in the duration of the disease.
For the correction of the transversal maxillary constriction in adult patients, two options are commonly used, namely surgically-assisted rapid palatal expansion (SARPE) and (2) multisegmented Le Fort I osteotomy. The SARPE technique is mostly used in cases with severe transversal deficiencies (>7 mm) and no concomitant sagittal and vertical skeletal anomalies.
We employed Salter osteotomy in our patients and found it to be easy and useful for stabilizing hips after open reduction.
Two planned osteotomies are a ramus osteotomy extending just past the lingula and an anterior mandibular vertical osteotomy.
Endovascular embolisation of severe bleeding in connection with periacetabular osteotomy. Ugeskr.
To the best of our knowledge, there are few methods to prevent ST effectively during osteotomy surgery for AS kyphosis at present.
Although no specific series has commented on conversion to arthroplasty after VITO for femoral neck nonunion, several authors have examined THA after failed osteotomy for primary hip osteoarthritis.
(4) Posterior release: in this method, osteotomy in the posterior cranial portion is done.