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His body was dismembered and legend has it that, when brother went to collect the body parts Oswald's pet raven is said to have picked up an arm and dropped nearby where well sprung up, which became a holy place of pilgrimage.
A devoted family man, Oswald adored his wife Mair and his daughters Delyth and Ruth, as well as his seven grandchildren.
Alice Maguire, aged seven from Gateshead, ran her fifth Mini Great North Run for St Oswald's.
"He wants to see if he can rebuild Oswald in his own image of insanity.
It's guid that Oswald can preside On art and beauty.
King Domnall Brecc, Oswald's Scottish overlord, was happy for him to return home and try to win back his father's crown, (the gloriously Game of Thrones Aethefrith who'd largely forged the Northumbrian state, a process punctuated by regular bloodbaths).
Records show Oswald was jailed by the military in the Philippines but it is believed it was for misfiring his rifle during sentry duty.
According to details from the 2,891 released papers, one FBI agent told a senator that Oswald had written "to me in early 1962 to help expedite a visa for his wife".
He also reported: "Last night we received a call from our Dallas office from a man talking in a calm voice and saying he was a member of a committee organised to kill Oswald."
"Oswald Foundation's product for dyslexic and old-aged people is a must-integrate tool for all the startups which are digital," said Sairee Chahal, the founder of SHEROES.
At the start of her career, Oswald worked with the Chrysler Corporation in various positions during her 28-year tenure as well as chief administrative officer at the automotive manufacturer.
Eyewitnesses, the Parkland Hospital doctors; the Zapruder film; other films and photos; the laws of physics; autopsy photos and X-rays; Oswald's marksmanship; Texas Gov.