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(ôshvyĕN`chēm), Ger. Auschwitz, town (1992 est. pop. 45,100), Małopolskie prov., SE Poland. It is a railway junction and industrial center producing chemicals, leather, and agricultural implements. There are coal deposits in the vicinity. In World War II the Germans organized a concentration campconcentration camp,
a detention site outside the normal prison system created for military or political purposes to confine, terrorize, and, in some cases, kill civilians.
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 system there, consisting of 3 main and 30 forced-labor camps. At the Brzezinka (Ger. Birkenau) extermination camp as many as 4,000,000 prisoners, mostly Jews, were killed.
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(German, Auschwitz), a city in southern Poland, at the confluence of the Vistula and Sola rivers, in Bielsko Województwo. Population, 41,000 (1972). The city has a chemical plant for organic synthesis, food-processing enterprises, and a leather factory. There is a museum on the site of the former fascist German concentration camp of Auschwitz.

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Oswiecim (pronounced osh-vyen'-tseem) is the authentic Polish name of the town that, for the rest of the world, has become synonymous with ultimate atrocity.
To do so, he believes, would be to punish Oswiecim's youth for what Hitler did.
A guide book written by Kazimir Smolen and published by the State Museum in Oswiecim tells us that the town of Oswiecim and surrounding area was renamed the German "Auschwitz" when Poland fell to the Nazis in September 1939.
Following the German invasion of Poland, in September 1939, Oswiecim was annexed by Nazi Germany and renamed Auschwitz, the town's German name.
According to Nornberg's interview in Oswiecim with Israeli director and producer Yaheli Gat, who has been filming a documentary about the search, he spent years contacting other survivors in the hopes of corroborating Yarot's claim and supplementing his provided map.
It was because of this large Jewish population, not because of Polish feelings, that the Nazis located the extermination camps in Oswiecim and Bzrezinka.
And perhaps you've even heard of the Warsaw Jewish Film Festival, or Oswiecim's Life Festival, which Eric Clapton headlined this year.
THE Auschwitz concentration camp was established by the Nazis in 1940 at a Polish army barracks in the suburbs of a small Polish city called Oswiecim (Auschwitz in German).
Auschwitz was established by the Nazis in the suburbs of the Polish city of Oswiecim which was occupied by the Germans during the Second World War.
We noticed the desecration on Wednesday," said Artur Szyndler of the Jewish Center in Oswiecim, known as Auschwitz in German.
But in Oswiecim, the town in southern Poland outside which Auschwitz was built.
Following the German invasion of Poland in September 1939, Oswiecim was annexed by Nazi Germany and renamed Auschwitz, the town's German name.