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(1) (Over The Air) In general, any wireless system that uses open space as its transmission medium, including TV, Wi-Fi and cellular.

(2) (Over The Air) May refer specifically to free wireless broadcasting such as AM/FM radio and TV in contrast to paid services such as cable TV and satellite radio.



a city in Japan on the Island of Honshu, in Gumma Prefecture. Population, 100,000 (1970). A transport machine-building industry supplies railroad equipment and rolling stock. Other industries are food processing and the production of bicycles.

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We thank USDA for recognizing the tremendous value and opportunities that our export promotion programs are creating for the organic industry, and for enabling us through its generous funding to continue this work," said Laura Batcha, CEO and Executive Director of OTA.
Guo Lin, director of OTA Lab at CTTL-Terminals comments: "We are delighted to be working in partnership with Anite to progress development of MIMO OTA testing solutions, helping mobile operators verify and benchmark the actual performance of devices before market introduction.
Shortly prior to Closing, OTA and its wholly-owned subsidiary Optimum Telecom Algerie S.
The mechanism by which OTA could induce cancer remains unclear.
Those who cannot wait a few more days for the official release of the OTA on their cellular services can now download the file through a bypass link to Google's servers.
The exclusive coursework offered by OTA was developed from 150 man-years of research and trading experience gained by a company of 180 traders processing more than half-a-billion in securities transactions daily.
After 6 h and 12 h incubation, an OTA assay of the samples was conducted using a commercially available ELISA kit (Romer Labs Inc.
Serum OTA duzeylerinden yola cikarak hesaplanan gunluk OTA alim duzeyleri de en dusuk, en yuksek ve ortanca degerleri ile birlikte Tablo 3'de verilmistir.
Coffee that is not dried quickly and sufficiently will be too wet, therefore, prone to fungal infection and risk OTA contamination.
OTA contracted the Manufacturers' Market Survey that year to provide statistical insight into the rapidly expanding base of organic manufacturers.
Congress shot itself in the foot when it killed the OTA.
Whereas OTA had worked solely for Congress, ITA plans to analyze issues for industry, professional societies, and federal agencies.