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(1) (Over The Air) In general, any wireless system that uses open space as its transmission medium, including TV, Wi-Fi and cellular.

(2) (Over The Air) May refer specifically to free wireless broadcasting such as AM/FM radio and TV in contrast to paid services such as cable TV and satellite radio.



a city in Japan on the Island of Honshu, in Gumma Prefecture. Population, 100,000 (1970). A transport machine-building industry supplies railroad equipment and rolling stock. Other industries are food processing and the production of bicycles.

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To assess OTA degradation by different bacterial fractions, 20 ml of each fraction was supplemented with 100 ppb OTA and triplicate 6 ml samples were distributed to Hungate tubes and incubated for 24 h at 39[degrees]C with agitation.
Tum calisma grubunda olculen ortalama serum OTA du zeyleri, en dusuk, en yuksek ve ortanca degerleri ile birlikte Tablo 2'de verilmistir.
In the OTA 2007 campaign, more than 215 companies pledged funds to support OTA's work.
The nWeb platform which includes OTA security, is a highly scalable, operator-grade solution with open support for industry browsers and existing portal infrastructure for routing and billing.
The OTA configuration service provided by TynTec uses its SMS-C and network of operator partnerships to ensure delivery of configuration messages and arrival of OTA messages into multiple destination networks.
Should the pulping operation be delayed after harvesting, deterioration of the fruit occurs leading to fungal growth and OTA production.
Fortunately, some members of Congress are considering reviving the old OTA in some form or another.
Owing to ITA's smaller budget, however, Coates anticipates that there will be fewer workshops per project and that final reports will run 50 pages or less, a fraction of the length of the average OTA tome.
The OTA was formed in an era of political optimism, when the prevailing attitude that with sufficient forethought and the right analytical processes, we could foresee potential problems and issues with new technology.
The OTA also concluded that traditional tort "reforms" that would reduce physicians' liability are unlikely to curtail the practice of defensive medicine.
OTA finds that no single development is likely to affect uniformly the future of the nation's existing nuclear power plants.
It says that criteria are unclear for megaprojects such as the superconducting supercollider, the human genome project, and the manned space station (which the OTA says has =little justification on scientific grounds").