Otcenášek, Jan

Otčenášek, Jan


Born Nov. 19, 1924, in Prague. Czech author.

Otčenášek graduated from a trade school. During the fascist German occupation of Czechoslovakia he worked in a factory and took part in the resistance movement. His literary activity began after the war. His novels With Great Strides (1952) and Citizen Brych (1955; Russian translation, 1957) deal with the moral and social issues of the building of a socialist society. In the novel Lame Orpheus (1964; Russian translation, 1966) and the novella Romeo, Juliet and the Darkness (1958; Russian translation, 1960), Otčenášek reveals the hard lot of the generation which grew up during the period of fascism. He was awarded the K. Gottwald State Prize in 1956.


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