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Birch (Betula) chips were brought from the UPM Kymmene Otepaa AS firm and then refined to appropriate fractions using disintegrator device DS-A.
In the pollen spectrum of Lake Ala-Pika in the northern part of the Otepaa Uplands, rye appeared more or less permanently in about AD 600 (Laul & Kihno 1999, 12).
The highest annual number of TDs, as well as of SCTDs, and their highest annual duration were registered at the Voru station, situated in southeastern Estonia in a primeval valley between the Haanja and Otepaa uplands.
The light hearted event sponsored by the Otepaa municipality attracted more than 170 teams and 750 participants from as far away as Germany, Russia, Spain and Australia.
The only triathlon I've done before outside of California was the Puhajarve half Ironman near Otepaa, Estonia.
00pm Cross-Country World Cup, men, Otepaa (Eurosport2)
ERA II 203, 419 (18) < Otepaa parish, Vastse-Otepaa--Artur Kroon (1938)
Surjametsadest Otepaa korgustikul [About meso-eutrophic boreo-nemoral hillock forests on Otepaa Upland].
If we include castles, we should add Otepaa and probably also others, but the fact remains that it took some time for the newcomers as well to form the "medieval" structures we mostly know of later sources.