Otero Silva, Miguel

Otero Silva, Miguel


Born Oct. 26, 1908, in Barcelona, Anzoátegui. Venezuelan writer.

In 1928, Otero Silva took part in a student revolutionary movement and was arrested several times and exiled. In 1943 he founded the progressive newspaper El National and became its editor. He wrote the poetry collections The Water and the Riverbed (1937), 25 Poems (1942), and Choral Elegy to Andrés Eloy Blanco (1958). Otero Silva deals with social and political problems of contemporary Venezuela in the realistic novels Fever (1939; Russian translation, 1964), Dead Houses (1955; Russian translation, 1961), Office Number One (1961; in Russian translation City in the Savanna, 1968), The Death of Honorio (1963; in Russian translation Five Who Kept Silent, 1966), and When I Want to Weep I Don’t (1970; Russian translation, 1972).


El cercado ajeno: Opiniones sobre arte y político. Caracas [1961].


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