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see UthmanUthman
or Othman
, c.574–656, 3d caliph (644–56), also known as Uthman ibn al-Affan; son-in-law of Muhammad. He belonged to the great Umayyad family and was selected as caliph after the murder of Umar.
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, Othman
1. History of or relating to the Ottomans or the Ottoman Empire
2. denoting or relating to the Turkish language
3. a member of a Turkish people who invaded the Near East in the late 13th century
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Calls to free Mohammad Othman have been highlighted by The Nation, in letter campaigns by the US organizations Jewish Voice for Peace and Grassroots International, as well as in an international petition.
A Warwickshire Police spokesman said: "The presence of these packets indicates that Mr Othman was involved in the illegal importation of drugs into the country and officers are working with points of entry into the UK, including ports and airports to establish his route of travel."
Othman is more successful when he is being light and oblique ("Semantics") or swaggering and extravagant ("Let Me Sleep"), and the poems that engage with national issues generally have energy, courage, and substance.
Convicted terrorist Omar Mohammed Othman, 41, had income support payments withheld after some pounds 180,000 in sterling, US dollars, Spanish pesetas and German marks was found by Metropolitan police anti-terrorist squad officers at his home in Noel Road, Acton, west London, in February this year.
Stephen Knafler, for Mr Othman, told Mr Justice Collins in London that his client had been wrongly deprived of income support of pounds 213 a fortnight after the police reported finding pounds 180,000 at his home.
Before OTAK, however, before Othman thought about becoming company president, and even before he considered being an engineer, he wanted to be a doctor.
Othman says most diabetes-related skin conditions can be prevented or treated easily if detected early.
Othman said the ISF had progressed to keep up with changing times.
The victim's father Othman Yusoff, 51, said that he is suspicious of the circumstances leading to his son's death as Mohamad Amirul had told their family that he was beaten by his seniors just three days before the incident.
Speaking to Caterer about how the concept was conceived, Othman says: "We opened up Play first and let everything get to the point where it was running smoothly.
When Emirati Mariam Othman established a paediatric therapy centre back in 1994, she just rented a small villa in Jumeirah to accommodate around 30 children and only had a handful staff.
Majid Othman bin Othman Al-Othman, general manager of Information Technology at the MoJ , said, "The linkage between the Ministry of Justice and the National Information Center (NIC) at the Interior Ministry contributed to the reduction of excesses of some agents." Power of attorney is a written authorization to represent or act on another's behalf in private affairs, business or legal matter, sometimes against the wishes of the other.