Othman I

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Othman I:

see Osman IOsman I
or Othman I
, 1259–1326, leader of the Ottoman Turks and founder of the dynasty that established and ruled the Ottoman Empire. The Osmanli or Ottoman Turks derive their name from Osman.
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Osman I

, Othman I
1259--1326, Turkish sultan; founder of the Ottoman Empire
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Arwa Othman is a writer, journalist, anthropology researcher and leading advocate working to end child marriage in Yemen.
What makes their programme different from others, says Othman is that, StarLink works closely with its partners, it helps in defining partners' targets, their achievements, and measures and offers incentives to them every quarter.
Othman is a licensed professional engineer in New York and is a member of the Structural Engineers Association of New York (SEA oNY).
Mohammad Othman is believed to be the first person to be arrested by Israel specifically for advocating for the growing international movement to boycott companies, including Leviev's, that support Israeli human rights abuses.
Othman is more successful when he is being light and oblique ("Semantics") or swaggering and extravagant ("Let Me Sleep"), and the poems that engage with national issues generally have energy, courage, and substance.