Ottmar Mergenthaler

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Ottmar Mergenthaler
Known for Linotype
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Mergenthaler, Ottmar


Born May 11, 1854, in Hachtel, Wiirttemberg, Germany; died Oct. 28, 1899, in Baltimore (USA). Inventor in printing, creator of the Linotype machine. Mergenthaler moved to the USA in 1872. In 1884 he invented the Linotype, and in 1885 he perfected the machine’s design. Mergenthaler’s invention was used by the American entrepreneur P. T. Dodge, who in 1886 organized the Mergenthaler Linotype Company.


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The life of Ottmar Mergenthaler is a classic story of American ambition and know-how.
The first commercially successful automated typesetting machines went into operation in the late 1880s (1886 is the date often given for Ottmar Mergenthaler's invention of the Linotype machine.) Stories and body type for advertising copy set by the hot-metal devices suddenly were outputting lines of type 10 times faster than the time-honored pace.
Linotype built its business on the automation of typesetting, dating from the machine invented by company co-founder Ottmar Mergenthaler 112 years ago.