Otto Jespersen

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Otto Jespersen
Jens Otto Harry Jespersen

Jespersen, Otto

(ŏ`tō yĕs`pərsən), 1860–1943, Danish philologist. Professor of English language and literature at the Univ. of Copenhagen and later rector there, Jespersen first earned a reputation for brilliant work in phonetics and later wrote widely used books on the English language and linguistics in general, notably The Growth and Structure of the English Language (1905), A Modern English Grammar on Historical Principles (in parts, 1909–31), Language (1922), Philosophy of Grammar (1924), and Analytic Syntax (1937).
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Linguists Otto Jespersen and Mario Pei have branded English orthography as a "pseudohistorical and antieducational abomination" that is "the world's most awesome mess.
Uber Otto Jespersen pflegte Tauli zu sagen, dass er ihn wegen seiner logischen und klaren Ausdrucksweise bewundere.
Per Hasle discusses Reichenbach's "three point" formalization of tense and its relation to the work of Otto Jespersen.