Otto Schrader

Schrader, Otto


Born Mar. 28,1855, in Weimar; died Mar. 21, 1919, in Breslau (now Wroclaw, Poland). German linguist and historian.

Schrader studied in Jena and Leipzig. He became a professor at the University of Jena in 1890 and the University of Breslau in 1909. He helped develop the theories of the cultural history school of linguistics by correlating the findings of comparative-historical linguistics with those of history and such other disciplines as archaeology, ethnography, botany, and zoology. Schrader used his multidisciplinary cultural-historical approach to study the ancient ethnic history of the Indo-European peoples and to reconstruct the social and cultural structure of primitive society. Schrader compiled the Dictionary of Indo-European Antiquities (1901).


Die älteste Zeittheilung des indogermanischen Volkes. Berlin, 1878.
Tier- und Pflanzengeographie im Lichte der Sprachforschung. Hamburg, 1884.
Sprachvergleichung und Urgeschichte, vols. 1–2, 3rd ed. Jena, 1906–07.
Reallexikon der indogermanischen Altertumskunde, vols. 1–2,2nd ed. Berlin-Leipzig, 1917–29.
In Russian translation:
Sravnitel’noe iazykovedenie i pervobytnaia istoriia. St. Petersburg, 1886.
Indoevropeitsy, parts 1–2. St. Petersburg, 1913.
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This is a significant contribution to the history of the Pancaratra, first established by Otto Schrader in his still useful Introduction to the Pancaratra.
Otto Schrader (other Schrader manuscripts included in VOHD 2-6 and 8-11 were acquired in 1919 by the then Staatsbibliothek in Berlin); most of the manuscripts nos.