Ouachita Mountains

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Ouachita Mountains,

range of east-west ridges between the Arkansas and Red rivers, extending c.200 mi (320 km) from central Ark. into SE Okla. Magazine Mt. (c.2,800 ft/850 m high) is the tallest peak. The Ouachita Mts. are geologically considered outlier of the Appalachian Mts. They are composed of strongly folded and faulted sedimentary rocks. A whetstone industry is near Hot Springs, Ark. Mineral springs, lakes, and extensive wooded areas attract tourists. Several parts of the region have been set aside as public parks or forest reservations.
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Ouachita Mountains


a mountain massif in the central USA, in the states of Oklahoma and Arkansas. The Ouachita Mountains represent a series of parallel ridges, with elevations reaching 884 m, composed of limestones and sandstones. The slopes are covered by broadleaf and coniferous forests. Coal, bauxite, and barite are mined in the area. The resort of Hot Springs is located in the mountains.

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Mountain Valley Spring Water, which has bottled Arkansas' Ouachita Mountain water for more than a century and marketed it around the world, has been sold for a second time in five years, this time for $78.5 million.
putorius was found to be associated with thick understory in Tennessee and displayed second order selection for young dense forest stands with complex understory structure and closed canopy in the Ouachita Mountains (Reed and Kennedy, 2000, Lesmeister et al., 2009).
Intervals for fires in this area averaged <10 years in the pre-settlement Ouachita Mountains region with fires occurring predominantly in late-growing and dormant seasons (T.
Crews returned to the craggy Ouachita Mountains on horseback and all-terrain vehicles at daybreak Saturday, hoping to find campers who survived after walls of water chased them from their campgrounds along the Caddo and Little Missouri rivers.
amnis were taken well above the interface of the GCP and the Ouachita Mountains uplift in Garland and Scott counties.
He slows down for exciting bits, such as the initial construction of the southeastern US, the rising up of the Appalachian and Ouachita Mountains, and the formation of the Mississippi Embayment.
Martin (history, Middle Tennessee State U.) describes the history of tourism in the American Mountain South (comprised of Southern Appalachia, the Cumberland Plateau, the Ouachita Mountains, and the Ozark Mountains), chronologically analyzing economic, cultural, and environmental impacts from 1865 through the dawn of the 21st century.
The mapleleaf oak (Quercus acerifolia), recently elevated to full species from a variety of Shumard oak, has only been found at six sites in the Magazine and Ouachita mountains of Arkansas, and totals only a few hundred individual trees.
We are a pair of 50-plus year-old sisters who live on 120 acres in the foothills of the Ouachita Mountains and don't want to wrestle 150-200-pound goats if we can help it.
From the top of the Hot Springs Mountain Observation Tower (admission $6) you can see the rounded peaks of the Ouachita mountains.
It is often difficult to understand the context of folding in the Ouachita Mountains. Lack of outcrop continuity, lateral stratigraphic changes, and polyphase deformation interact to confound observers and interpreters and to make it especially difficult for instructors trying to teach in the field.
Governor Cherry's second big mistake in 1954 was to redbait Faubus on account of his 1935 attendance at Commonwealth College, a socialist institution that had flourished briefly in the Ouachita Mountains near the town of Mena, Arkansas.