Ouachita Mountains

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Ouachita Mountains,

range of east-west ridges between the Arkansas and Red rivers, extending c.200 mi (320 km) from central Ark. into SE Okla. Magazine Mt. (c.2,800 ft/850 m high) is the tallest peak. The Ouachita Mts. are geologically considered outlier of the Appalachian Mts. They are composed of strongly folded and faulted sedimentary rocks. A whetstone industry is near Hot Springs, Ark. Mineral springs, lakes, and extensive wooded areas attract tourists. Several parts of the region have been set aside as public parks or forest reservations.

Ouachita Mountains


a mountain massif in the central USA, in the states of Oklahoma and Arkansas. The Ouachita Mountains represent a series of parallel ridges, with elevations reaching 884 m, composed of limestones and sandstones. The slopes are covered by broadleaf and coniferous forests. Coal, bauxite, and barite are mined in the area. The resort of Hot Springs is located in the mountains.

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Callahan said several trucking companies, including one in Kentucky, have reached out to College of the Ouachitas about partnerships.
College of the Ouachitas already has a tractor that Callahan said will allow the training program to be used statewide.
A large database (Matthews and Robison, 1988; Robison and Buchanan, 1988) on stream fishes at sites in the Ozark and Ouachita uplands in Arkansas was used in the present paper to test three macroecological hypotheses about distributions of fish species in these streams: (1) faunal similarities among upland fiver basins are congruent with the geographical connectivities, or linkages, of those streams in the Mississippi River Basin; (2) faunal richness of streams up to the size of small rivers increases with drainage area; and (3) local (within-site) richness of fish species increases in proportion to regional (basin) richness.
The Interior Highland of North America, consisting of the Ozark and Ouachita mountains of Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri and Kansas, was an ancient, continuous upland that persisted west of the Mississippi River until it was bisected by headwater erosion of the Arkansas River (Mayden, 1985; Robison, 1986).
Before coming to the College of the Ouachitas, Schoonmaker worked at Clatsop Community College in Astoria, Ore.
That's forefront on my agenda for the College of the Ouachitas," he said.
The College of the Ouachitas will work with any business or industry to establish credit bearing classes.
The presence of a gas-fired power plant, as well as a hydroelectric generating station at Remmel Dam on the Ouachita River, makes Malvern a prime location for industry requiring a heavy electrical supply.
New Job: Ouachita Technical College became the College of the Ouachitas on July 1 through Act 208 of the 88th Arkansas General Assembly.
Organized biking tours are available in the Ozarks and Ouachitas for cyclists and mountain bikers.