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see bastardbastard,
person born out of wedlock whose legal status is illegitimacy. In civil law countries and in about half the states of the United States, the union of the parents in marriage after birth makes the child legitimate.
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bend sinister
supposed stigma of illegitimate birth. [Heraldry: Misc.]
Clinker, Humphry
servant of Bramble family turns out to be illegitimate son of Mr. Bramble. [Br. Lit.: Humphry Clinker, Payton, 324]
illegitimate son of Earl of Gloucester; conspires against father. [Br. Hist.: King Lear]
Jones, Tom
revealed to be Squire Allworthy’s sister Bridget’s illegitimate son. [Br. Lit.: Fielding Tom Jones]
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Because working, particularly with child-minding needs to take care of, is a struggle, the work requirements aim to deter out-of-wedlock births and increase marriages.
The argument that varying rates of violent crime are a consequence of varying levels of out-of-wedlock births seems much more consonant with the data.
In a survey conducted in 1998 by The Alan Guttmacher Institute, officials in health and social services agencies in 34 states and the District of Columbia reported that their state had taken steps to reduce out-of-wedlock births in light of the 1996 welfare law.
The influence of conservative arguments linking out-of-wedlock births to public assistance programs (Murray, 1984) and the increasing black out-of-wedlock birth ratio stimulated renewed interest among social policy scholars in the 1980s (Wilson, 1987; Wilson and Neckerman, 1986).
Many studies have exploited differences in benefits across time or states, using discrete choice models to test whether welfare benefits affect the probability that an unmarried woman has an out-of-wedlock birth or to test the aggregate relation between benefit levels and the state's illegitimacy rate.
There is an objective basis for the obsession on the part of politicians with teen pregnancy, especially out-of-wedlock teen pregnancy.
If adults are going to help teenagers avoid the outcomes of sex that are clearly negative--STDs, unintended pregnancies, abortions and out-of-wedlock births--they must accept the reality of adolescent sexual activity and deal with it directly and honestly.
In 1960, the infant mortality rates for out-of-wedlock births for whites and for all other races were 33.
The study's findings about out-of-wedlock births have very significant social implications, said Kirk Johnson, a senior policy analyst for the Heritage Foundation.
Richard's personal life is also scrutinized, including the children he fathered out-of-wedlock.
The Supreme Court Has Weighed in On the Issue of Inheritance and the Out-of-Wedlock Child; North Carolina and Similar State Statutes Violate the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment
In the last few years, even the out-of-wedlock birthrate has finally stopped climbing.