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see bastardbastard,
person born out of wedlock whose legal status is illegitimacy. In civil law countries and in about half the states of the United States, the union of the parents in marriage after birth makes the child legitimate.
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bend sinister
supposed stigma of illegitimate birth. [Heraldry: Misc.]
Clinker, Humphry
servant of Bramble family turns out to be illegitimate son of Mr. Bramble. [Br. Lit.: Humphry Clinker, Payton, 324]
illegitimate son of Earl of Gloucester; conspires against father. [Br. Hist.: King Lear]
Jones, Tom
revealed to be Squire Allworthy’s sister Bridget’s illegitimate son. [Br. Lit.: Fielding Tom Jones]
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Growing Social Liberalism a Factor in Greater Acceptance of Out-of-Wedlock Births
And they should continue investing Temporary Assistance for Needy Families and other funds to help reduce out-of-wedlock childbearing, especially during the teenage years, where a one-third reduction in teen birth rates over the past decade demonstrates that progress is possible.
The first two sections which follow set the scene respecting the law which applied to marriage, concubinage and out-of-wedlock births under the Dutch VOC and, later, British rule.
prevent and reduce out-of-wedlock pregnancies and establish numerical goals toward this objective; and
According to the Department of Health and Human Services, a program is eligible when it teaches that "abstinence from sexual activity is the only certain way to avoid out-of-wedlock pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases and other associated health problems.
Maybe, according to and analysis of birth and census data for these top three winners of the annual bonuses, which are meant to reward the states that see the greatest reductions in out-of-wedlock fertility without any increase in their abortion rate.
The age-old stigmas attached to illegitimacy and out-of-wedlock pregnancy were crude and unfair to women and children.
Having a baby out-of-wedlock no longer paid and taxpayers applauded.
The Department of Health and Human Services is awarding $100 million in bonuses to states with the largest decreases in out-of-wedlock births between 1998 and 2001.
Additionally, participants were asked about the number of siblings, whether the siblings had out-of-wedlock children, and if so how many.
The Seraglio includes erotic flirtation, war heroism, blackmail, an out-of-wedlock birth, self-mutilation, the conjuring of spirits, an opera premiere, sudden death, and a reunion of wives and lovers (seraglio is a word for harem).
Many of these trends--declining fertility, aging populations, increasing rates of out-of-wedlock births, rising age at first marriage--were chronicled in these pages more than a decade ago and continue to have an impact today.