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Some corporations form an alliance with a professional services firm that adds value, by providing the resources and specialists to do the work involved, with specific elements of the real estate process under an out-tasking contract.
Out-tasking takes a different approach and is structured to meet the needs of a different decision driver.
With CA's Out-Tasking offering, Canadian mainframe users will be able to rapidly leverage the power of our expertise and the power of CA's technical expertise with a single, economical decision.
By leveraging both CA's leading mainframe management software solutions and CA's business alliances with leading IT service providers like Acxiom, Out-Tasking will uniquely enable customers to overcome resource shortfalls and workloads and help optimize business value from their mainframes.
Our Out-Tasking offerings enable them to provide exceptional, round-the-clock support without having to sleep beside their laptop or hire extra staff.
Gudbranson stated, "I intend to aggressively leverage NUVO's industry-leading remote management services and excellence in the delivery of IT operations out-tasking services to accelerate revenue growth and market share.
Furthermore, in response to growing pressures to rein in costs, organizations are increasingly turning to out-tasking as a solution to increasing NSM efficiency and productivity.
By out-tasking to Kaseya, ETS is able to expand its reliable, efficient IT managed services to evenings and weekends, giving customers a robust and complete business continuity strategy at a flat, monthly rate.
With today's announcement Kaseya is delivering Kaseya IT Monitor Assist, part of the Kaseya emPower Out-Tasking element, and the Kaseya emPower Toolkit.
Specializing in the UNIX and NT environments, CapTech performs system administration out-sourcing and out-tasking, performance monitoring and tuning, system and network security, as well as configuration management consulting and tool development.
Multiple Reasons for Out-Tasking Business Functions Professional Services, 9/06 Figure 5.