Outdoor Set

Outdoor Set


an outdoor area with an open horizon used for filming natural motion-picture scenery against a sky background.

Outdoor sets may be located on the premises of a studio or outside the studio (in the countryside, in areas with a low noise level and a diverse landscape). To screen out noise, outdoor sets are fenced off or divided into individual filming areas by strips of closely planted trees and bushes. Set pools, “artificial skylines”, and similar permanent scenery structures are sometimes constructed on outdoor sets.

Outdoor sets at studios are gradually losing their importance because of high-rise construction in the areas surrounding the studios, which is extremely difficult to conceal during filming. Increasing use is being made of on-location shooting rather than filming on permanent outdoor sets in the countryside.


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There also an outdoor set of the historic period drama in Kohlapur was burnt down after two dozen people torched it in March.
Perfect for relaxing in an informal setting on just the sofa, or for entertaining guests with the addition of the tempered glass square dining table, armchairs and stools, this all-weather outdoor set is incredibly versatile.
Tenders are invited for rt are seeking tenders to build the new fair city outdoor set in the rt campus in donnybrook.
Caption: MIXED CONTEMPORARY: The Tiempo outdoor set from Janus et cie combines mixed media and contemporary design with functionality, including small cabinets on each side.
Hundreds of VIP guests joined senior Land Rover staff at the event, which revolved around a giant outdoor set - the centrepiece of which was the Tower Bridge replica - the largest structure ever constructed from Lego bricks.
On Saturday, Harris had to stop an outdoor set in front of 90,000 fans at the Electric Daisy Carnival - one of the world's largest electronic music festivals - because high winds made the Motor y, oor s l t she Las Vegas otor Speedway venue unsafe.
The 51-year-old soap's outdoor set, including the Rovers and the Kabin, is a couple of hurdles away from being listed by English Heritage and turned into a tourist attraction.
That day, in front of Rockefeller Plaza, where the network has an outdoor set and where hundreds of people brandish signs and posters, wave, send personal messages, and moan in collective hysteria as soon as the camera gets them in a shot, we suddenly see a sweet little pink poster: GUY DEBORD IS SO COOL
Both the unity of time and the unity of place, with the customary outdoor set, have the result of limiting the action of women characters and of practically suppressing their use of prologues, endings, soliloquies, and asides, which, being the theatrical vehicles that establish a direct rapport with the audience, as Gunsberg tells us, are best suited for the projection of an autonomous femininity.
For something with style -- panache -- a quality product, most baby boomers would cough up $800 to replace the original $3,000 outdoor set.
A 4,000 square-metre outdoor set, located at Khalifa Industrial Zone (KIZAD), is the result of a three-year agreement between the media company twofour54 and O3 Productions, part of MBC Group.
The actors work on an outdoor set built to reproduce lifelike acoustics.

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