Outer Hebrides

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Outer Hebrides,

Scotland: see Hebrides, theHebrides, the
, Western Isles,
or Western Islands,
group of more than 50 islands, W and NW Scotland. Less than a fifth of the islands are inhabited. The Outer Hebrides
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Mairi Thomson of Outer Hebrides Tourism said: "This new site will help to promote Outer Hebrides Tourism to not only the industry but also the wider community" The new site will be showcased at the next Annual Tourism Conference in October.
We were astonished at how much we could find out by analysing the claws and whiskers of the mink and are delighted to know that our results are helping manage this problem in the Outer Hebrides," he said.
Donnie Morrison, project manager for Highlands and Islands Enterprise, said: "All the project partners believe that broadband is essential to the economic development of the Outer Hebrides to allow businesses in the most rural communities to compete in world markets and the award for Outstanding European Broadband Project 2007 gives international recognition to the success of the initiative.
The McCauleys will have to get used to a completely new way of life in the Outer Hebrides.
On the outer Hebrides, I was exploring seaweed - it is big in the beauty and diet industry and I helped to harvest it and had an anti-ageing bath.
For more information on the1 Outer Hebrides see www.
Geoff Spice spent most of August as a castaway on the uninhabited island of Sgarabhaigh in the Outer Hebrides, far from the temptation of cigarettes.
The sunfish was spotted near St Kilda in the Outer Hebrides by the crew of the cruise boat Orca.
In order to trace the story of human occupation on a group of southernmost and westernmost islands in the Outer Hebrides, off the west coast of Scotland, archaeologists at the University of Sheffield launched a research program in 1988 on South Uist, Barra, and adjacent islands.
David Loder has found a winning opportunity for Outer Hebrides in the EBF Median Auction Maiden Stakes (2.
that can deliver support to Bass Taverns outlets as far afield as Belfast and the Outer Hebrides.