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In spacecraft applications, silicone oligomers will outgas from the pores of the bulk material under the absolute vacuum of space, migrating along internal thermal gradients created by the spacecraft rotation into and away from the sun.
The via holes permitted flux volatile ingredients to outgas and escape during reflow, and for some of the flux residue to drain to the back side of the board.
Odorless, tasteless, non-leeching or absorptive, these chemically inert tubes are designed to handle high purity applications where high temperatures and/or corrosive applications cause extractables to outgas from plastics.
In order to maximize the pressure rise, we must minimize the volume into which the sample is allowed to outgas.
While some solder pastes are designated "low voiders" because they outgas quickly enough to provide low levels of voiding on fast ramp reflow profiles, other pastes require soak profiles to permit more complete outgassing before the metal melts and traps those gasses in the joint.
Unlike other gas purification technologies, Aeronex systems do not contain hydrocarbons that outgas during normal or upset conditions.
This material may outgas or evaporate during soldering and cause a blowhole.
It will not outgas in an ultra-high vacuum and does not react with most molten metals, salts and acids.
The completely inert material will not outgas in ultra high vacuum and is unreactive with most molten metals, salts and acids.
During and after painting, these VOCs outgas and can cause adverse short-term health effects such as headache, nausea, dizziness, and eye, throat, and lung irritation.
Regarding experimental 50' vent wells, created to outgas the underlying aquifer, the Building & Safety Department's representative states, "the series of 50' vent wells will not work properly in a high water table or in clayey soils or sands which will clog the vent wells.