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power strip

An electricity distribution device that turns one AC wall outlet into several. Power strips may or may not include surge suppression circuits, and many strips leave room for the myriad power adapters that accompany products. See power distribution unit, power adapter and surge suppression.

Room for "Warts"
Many power strips leave room for one or more "wall warts;" slang for the power adapter blocks that come with many electronics products.

Save Energy
Even power saving mode uses electricity. Attached to a motion sensor (bottom), this Watt Stopper has two regular outlets and six that turn off when you leave the room. The computer can stay on, while lights, monitor and printer are shut off. (Image courtesy of Legrand Companies, www.wattstopper.com)

Designed for Racks
Power strips are widely used in equipment racks to distribute power to all the devices. Sophisticated units turn devices on and off (see power distribution unit). (Image courtesy of American Power Conversion Corporation.)
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By having a better means of delivering power to a rack or to enclosures, the rack has to be capable of handling the system's larger outlet strips. These racks typically are made so that they can have power and network cable-troughs easily affixed to the top of the rack, allowing for easy installation as the IT needs change and grow.
The MetroBasix Plus Trauma Support accessory package provides, ample storage with side bins and overbridge bins, a top shelf for equipment, a glove box holder, and an outlet strip to consolidate equipment cords.
The tried-and-true Peg-Board is great for visually organizing your hand tools, and we've included space for an overhead fluorescent light and an outlet strip for power tools.
You'll then be able to run an outlet strip inside the cabinet to power everything.
1 IN KITCHENS, use surface wiring to install a multiple outlet strip on the underside of your wall cabinets.
Crumbling window frames, with glass crisscrossed by spider webs and trapped dead flies, sagging ceilings streaked with water stains, warped floors, and cracked walls with holes punched for phone and electric cords, the electric cords snaking into filled outlet strips.
Install metered outlet strips to indicate which racks and outlets have available capacity for high density equipment.
* Outlet strips and extension cords can be cross-merchandised in areas like lawn and garden and with Christmas displays, but don't forget areas like housewares or power tools.
DC power circuit breaker and fuse interface panels, power outlet strips and data acquisition modules are also offered.
Mount multiple outlet strips on a fixed object (e.g., an equipment cart) to reduce risk of liquid spills and physical damage.
Power outlet strips should be mounted in easily accessible locations within the rack to preserve service clearance for rackmounted equipment.
Benches can be accessorized with drawers, electrical outlet strips, back and end stops, risers and a lower shelf.