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Microsoft's flagship mail client and personal information manager. Outlook is available for Windows desktops and mobiles as well as the Mac, iOS and Android. It includes a PIM, calendaring, to-do list and groupware functions and also provides a journaling capability for keeping track of hourly billing. Outlook can be the mail client to a Microsoft Exchange server or any other mail server hosted by an ISP.

Outlook Express was a lite version of Outlook for email only that used to come with Windows. Express was enhanced and renamed (see Windows Live Mail).

Outlook on the Web
For companies that host their mail on Microsoft Exchange servers, Outlook on the Web lets users access their email, contacts and calendar via a Web browser without having to run an Outlook client program. Outlook on the Web was formerly Exchange Web Connect (EWC), Outlook Web Access and Outlook Web App (OWA). See Outlook recall, Outlook file types, Outlook.com, Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Office.

The Universal Inbox
The pane on the left shows all the functions in this earlier Outlook client. (Screen shot courtesy of Microsoft.)
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'However, until the world's two largest economies reach agreement, uncertainty will continue to weigh on the regional outlook.'
--$230 million class A-3 at 'AAAsf'; Outlook Stable;
The poll, which reflects hiring confidence among employers, calculated the net employment outlook after seasonal adjustments by subtracting the percentage of employers anticipating a decline in total employment from the percentage expecting an increase.
Microsoft says that it has implemented a faster user experience for the Outlook beta by using a more responsive web development framework.
Microsoft Outlook for the window has very few CSS properties support.
DataNumen Outlook Repair is designed to solve ordinary business users' problems.
Bells and Whistles v5 also includes full support for Microsoft Office Outlook 2013 (both x32 and x64) and a revamped interface (matching the Microsoft Office 2013 / Windows 8 design style).
- Long-term Global Local Currency Senior Unsecured Debt Rating assigned to MTN Program: to (P)B2 from (P)A3, with positive outlook
Fitch Ratings (Thailand) Ltd also upheld PTT's national long-term rating of AAA(tha) with a "stable" outlook and its national short-term rating of F1+(tha).
"Our Global Market Outlook events combine these facts with global trends to providing our clients with a clearer picture of what's going on around the world."
Even if they don't have to transfer Outlook data, I think all users should have a portable high-capacity device available.
IT administrators, faced with poor performance issues, have also attempted to address the e-mail storage issue by using the Exchange servers' internal functionality, namely the ability to allow Outlook users the ability to create their own personal archive folders and to set up rules to move older messages to these folders after a certain time period.