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Atrophic or degenerative ovarian follicles, uterine atrophy, pyometra and endometritis were found in minks with ZEA feeding (20 mg/kg) by histopathological examination of reproductive tract (Yang et al.
When ovarian follicles are enlarging, women with PCOS also produce high levels of estradiol but low levels of progesterone, resulting in a thick uterine lining and over time an increased risk of endometrial cancer.
April 29, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- University at Albany epidemiologist Michael Bloom and three fellow researchers have released a study on how the "good cholesterol" may play a role within the ovarian follicle in pre-programming an egg for successful pregnancy or failure.
The discovery is expected to prompt further studies around the world to better understand how ovaries and ovarian follicles develop in female fetuses.
In histological studies, the number of ovarian follicles and corpus lustrum has decreased, but this reduction was not significant.
Accelerated disappearance of ovarian follicles in mid-life: implications for forecasting menopause.
Ceca were aseptically collected from all hens, and the spleen, liver/gallbladder (LGB), lower (LRT) and upper (URT) reproductive tracts, and ovarian follicles (mature and immature) were collected from only the challenged hens after commingling.
Enlarged ovarian follicles (> 5 mm) and/or oviductal eggs were counted.
This research was begun in an effort to develop a means of gathering ovarian follicles from young human cancer patients before they commence cancer treatment that may result in their infertility, thus preserving parts of their ovaries for later use in in vitro fertilization.
Four stages were present in the ovarian cycle (Table 1): (1) quiescent, no yolk deposition present; (2) early yolk deposition, with basophilic yolk granules in the ooplasm; (3) enlarged ovarian follicles > 4 mm diameter; (4) oviductal eggs present in the oviducts.
Oocyte with cumulus cells were aspirated from surface follicle of medium sized ovarian follicles.
The end result of the chemotherapy can range from damage to steroid-producing cells and/or oocytes of developing ovarian follicles (granulosa and theca cells), which can cause temporary amenorrhea, to apoptotic death of primordial follicles, which results in premature ovarian failure (POF).