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Ecology a tract of land set aside for the protection and conservation of wild animals, flowers, etc.
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(Russian zapas, reserve of the armed forces), those persons listed on military service records who have already had their term of active military service or who have been deferred from service for various reasons but who are fit for service in wartime. In the USSR, according to the Law on Compulsory Military Service of Oct. 12, 1967, the reserve is divided into two categories. The first category is made up of persons who have had at least one year of active military service and of servicemen who have participated in combat in defense of the USSR regardless of length of service. The second category is made up of servicemen who have had less than one year of active military service and such persons who have not been called for active military service for various reasons. Both categories of the reserve are divided into three age groups; the first group, to age 35; the second group, to age 45; and the third group, to age 50. Privates, sergeants, and master sergeants are in the reserve until age 50 if they are men and until age 40 for women that are listed cm military service records; officers, generals, admirals, marshals of combat arm, and admirals of the fleet are in the reserve until age 50–65 depending on their military rank. The officer reserve is formed of officers, generals, and admirals who are discharged from active military service and are registered in the reserve; soldiers, sailors, sergeants, and master sergeants who receive the rank of officer at the time they are discharged into the reserve or while in the reserve; and persons who have undergone military training in a civilian educational institution. Persons subject to military service who are in the reserve are called up periodically for refresher training periods and may be called for inspection assemblies.


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(computer science)
To assign portions of a computer memory and of input/output and storage devices to a specific computer program in a multiprogramming system.
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Due to this fact it can be assumed that AMH is considered as a first line investigation for evaluation of ovarian reserve.4,11
Besides pregnancy rate, fertility preservation can be assessed through ovarian reserve biomarkers such as antimullerian hormone (AMH), inhibin B levels, or antral follicle count (12).
Only two studies on ovarian reserve of HT adolescents have been reported to date.
Ovarian reserve testing also does not reflect an age-related decline in oocyte quality, particularly after age 35.
Removal of unilateral endometriomas is associated with immediate and sustained reduction in ovarian reserve. Reprod Biomed Online 2013;27:212-6.
The effect of dehydroepiandrosterone supplementation on ovarian response is associated with androgen receptor in diminished ovarian reserve women.
Effect of obesity on ovarian reserve parameters in mid-reproductive age women.
"The surgery consists of a laparoscopy to excise the lesion as much as we can, preserving your ovarian reserve [capacity of the ovary to provide egg cells that are capable of fertilisation]," says Prof.
Ovarian reserve and ovarian response tests, currently available and well defined, are FSH, LH, inhibin-B, the ovarian antral follicle count (AFC], and anti-Mullerian hormone (AMH).
Excision of large ovarian cyst in women at reproductive age may damage ovarian reserve. In a literature review, the authors mentioned that bilateral cystectomies compared to unilateral cystectomy cause more damage to the ovarian reserve, but they observed recovery of ovarian reserve in both groups.
In order to get pregnant naturally, women must have a normal ovarian reserve, a functioning hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis, a functional uterus capable of fetal implantation and development, as well as the capacity of other organs and the cardiovascular system to respond to the changes caused by pregnancy.