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A heated enclosure for baking, heating, or drying.
A rounded, saclike, chemically weathered pit or hollow in a rock (especially a granitic rock) which has an arched roof and resembles an oven.
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What does it mean when you dream about an oven?

An oven suggests a womb, as in the expression “a bun in the oven,” which means to be pregnant. An oven can also represent transformation, as an appliance that transforms food. Ovens are featured in some fairy tales, too, as a means of punishment (Hansel and Gretel throwing the witch into the oven) or as a means of transformation (the Gingerbread Man becoming a real person after being cooked in an oven).

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The most obvious symbolism is that of a womb. You may be having some fears or anticipation in regard to having children. A warm oven is said to have “fruitful, ” or positive, connotations, while a cold oven the opposite. Of course, an oven may simply represent housekeeping and cooking.
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The death song, which is the song of the oven, was raised, and his expostulations could no longer be heard.
Then the death song arose, and he knew his beloved missionary's body was being dragged to the oven as he heard the words:
Nikita took off his coat, shook it again, hung it up beside the oven, and came up to the table.
Tod's kitchen, amongst the wreckage, Benjamin Bunny picked his way to the oven nervously, through a thick cloud of dust.
"I never thought about that pie from the moment I put it in the oven till now, although I felt INSTINCTIVELY that there was something missing on the dinner table.
Cluppins, glancing at the tin saucepan and the Dutch oven, 'it's shocking!'
By th' same token, my wife's been a-plaguin' on me to build her a oven this twelvemont."
Junair's combined Spraybooth ovens allow complete product processing within one cabin for painting and curing operations, this minimises time spent handling the painted products which also reduces the risk of damage.
6 ( ANI ): A company has revealed a new range of ovens, which can be operated by a smartphone.
Although his paper is complicated, the concepts of variation within one oven and among different ovens are important when discussing flexibility across multiple SMT process lines.
These enhancements have been applied in the company's latest smart ovens that help busy consumers stay ahead of kitchen tasks through sophisticated features such as Smart Sense Technology, a feature that detects and automatically implements the optimum cooking mode and time.
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