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(civil engineering)
A grade separation in which traffic at the higher level is raised, and traffic at the lower level moves at approximately its original level.
The upper level at such a grade separation.



a bridge built at the intersection of two or more main transportation arteries that allows for the free flow of traffic on different levels. Overpasses are commonly constructed where highways and railroads intersect or over city streets that have both heavy vehicular and passenger traffic.

An overpass can be either rectilinear or curvilinear, dependent on the type of intersection or the configuration of the intersecting city streets. Sometimes overpasses are arranged in several tiers and their spans are located one above the other. Most overpasses are either beam or frame structures because it is necessary to keep the spans low and because of the limited space that is available for piers; arch structures are comparatively rare. Currently, most overpasses are built from precast reinforced concrete. They usually consist of two to four spans, each 10–30 m long. Overpasses with more than four or five spans are called viaducts.

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Motorists are reminded that construction on the overpass brings with it active work zones on Highway 1 and connecting roads.
We heard the crash and we stepped outside and my son said the overpass was down.
Police said about 20 people remained trapped after three concrete beams of the overpass -- each 42 meters long -- collapsed in Bangladesh's second-largest city, according to a report of CNN.
The raised liftgate took down power lines before hitting the Grafton Street (Route 122) overpass around 12:05 p.
A young Chinese driver has become something of an internet sensation after footage emerged of him climbing out of his car on an overpass - whilst continuing to drive it.
The Sofia Municipality has launched the construction of a third overpass that is supposed to help relieve the tough street traffic situation in the city.
Signs indicating that heavy motor vehicles are barred from crossing the nearly 40-year-old metal bridge were erected along the motorway leading to the overpass earlier Wednesday.
The car broke through an iron railing on the side of the overpass and
One of the drivers who saw him was singer LeAnn Rimes, who tweeted: "Omg, David Hasselhoff is standing on a freeway overpass in LA waving to people.
In the same area, South Coast crews are completing an overpass that will carry CR 101 over the highway.
The roof of one carriage was hurled on to an overpass above the tracks.
The impact was so great the roof of one carriage was hurled onto an overpass above the tracks.