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Owain Glyndwr:

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, Welsh Owain Glyndwr, 1359?–1416?, Welsh national leader. A scion of the princes of Powys, he was also claimant through his mother to the lands of Rhys ap Gruffydd; he was thus one of the most powerful lords in Wales.
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Events such as this aim to raise awareness of our country's history and promote the stories of the Age of the Princes and Owain Glyndwr, in particular - but it would also be good to see a Welsh victory against the French on Saturday
Owain Glyndwr, published by Amberley Books, is out now priced PS12.
Owain Glyndwr is known as the last Welsh Prince of Wales and instigated a revolt against Henry IV in 1400, something Castro and Guevara would have identified with as they sought to overthrow the corrupt Batista regime in Cuba.
Owain Glyndwr will be used to promote tourism in Conwy
In The Mystery of Jack of Kent and the Fate of Owain Glyndwr, Gibbon claims Glyndwr's body was moved from Herefordshire, where he died, to the Welsh village, which has a population of 500.
The Three Pigeons Inn is steeped in history and legend - even once hosting Owain Glyndwr, one of the most heroic figures in Welsh history and the last native Welsh person to hold the Prince of Wales title - as well as being home to a ghost or two, resulting in some strange sightings.
Karen Thomas DYLAN Thomas, Owain Glyndwr, Geraldis Cambrensis, let's celebrate all our greats Angela Thomas HE didn't celebrate Wales he drank himself to death in America.
YOU may not be able to sing the Welsh National Anthem at today's game - but that doesn't stop fans flying their Owain Glyndwr and St David's Cross flags high
If they still wish to erect an artwork then we already have some fine examples - the statue of Owain Glyndwr in Corwen; the sculpture of Llywelyn ap Gruffydd Fychan in Llandovery; etc.
Un o'r cwestiynau mawr o ran Hanes Cymru yw beth yn union ddigwyddodd i Owain Glyndwr yn ystod ei ddyddiau olaf, sef y blynyddoedd hynny yn arwain at fis Medi 1415 (pryd tybir iddo farw).
THE Welsh public has voted to name a new CityJet aircraft after Owain Glyndwr.
THE true face of Welsh rebel hero Owain Glyndwr will be revealed for the first time, thanks to electronic wizardry, on TV on St David's Day.