Owen Falls

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Owen Falls,

on the Victoria Nile, SE Uganda, near Jinja, site of the Nalubaale Dam (formerly the Owen Falls Dam), completed 1954. The dam, which submerged the waterfall, controls the discharge from Lake Victoria (c.2 mi/3.2 km upstream) into the Nile basin and supplies hydroelectricity to Uganda and Kenya. The Kiira Dam, completed in 1999, is located .6 mi (1 km) downstream on a separate channel.
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Initiation of the construction work of the New Nile Bridge in Jinja has faced delay due to retain work of procurement and thus construction work was set to start this month to relieve the condemned bridge at the Owen Falls Dam.
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But having gained Robbie Fowler's commitment to the club recently, Owen falls into the category of being off limits.
The project is on the Victoria Nile River, about eight kilometers downstream of the existing Owen Falls Hydropower Project, which regulates the flows into the Victoria Nile from Lake Victoria.
Whether Owen falls into that category is another outstanding issue to be addressed, while anticipated, extraordinary bids for Gerrard will not aid the sleep patterns of his adoring followers this summer.
Uganda has traditionally relied on power generated at Nalubaale and Kiira, or Owen Falls dams on the River Nile but, following several years of below average rainfall and a sustained drought in the Lake Victoria catchment area, the country is now facing a power shortage.