Owens, Elizabeth

Owens, Elizabeth (b. 1948)

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Elizabeth Jane Henderson was born in Washington, D.C., on March 6, 1948. Her father served in the army during World War II, and was later a salesman; her mother was a government secretary. Elizabeth grew up in Alexandria and Springfield, Virginia. She was a sensitive child from the time she was three. She drew faces based on visions and had aspirations to become an artist. By the time she was seven she also had a great desire to write, but her parents wanted her to pursue secretarial work. After graduating high school, she went to work for the CIA at Langley, Virginia. She married a musician and lived for a while in Columbus, Ohio, but the marriage did not last. She moved to Florida and they divorced.

In Florida, Elizabeth discovered meditation and began to investigate astrology, which had interested her for many years. She also began studies in the Spiritualist community at Cassadaga to develop her mediumship. There she received clairvoyant messages and recognized feelings she had experienced in childhood. She married again—this time a deputy sheriff—but once more the marriage did not work. After seven years, she divorced.

In 1984, Elizabeth was certified as a Spiritualist medium. The following year she was ordained. Also in 1985, she began drawing spirit guides in pastel for clients. These were from the sightings she received clairvoyantly. She also began painting abstracts of spiritual beings. In 1990, she met Vincent Owens and they married five years later.

For twenty years, Owens has spoken in churches and presented seminars in Florida, Georgia, Virginia, and Maine. She is a former President and Pastor of the Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp, and served on its board. She has appeared on a variety of television programs as a medium, in the United States as well as Japan, Germany, Australia, France, and England.

In 2000, she published Women Celebrating Life: A Guide to Growth and Transformation, followed in 2001 by How to Communicate With Spirits, which won the Best Biographical/Personal award from the Coalition of Visionary Resources. In 2004, she published Discover Your Spiritual Life.


Owens, Elizabeth: How to Communicate with Spirits. St. Paul: Llewellyn, 2001
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