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(organic chemistry)
Salt of oxalic acid; contains the (COO)2 radical; examples are sodium oxalate, Na2C2O4, ammonium oxalate, (NH4)2C2O4·H2O, and ethyl oxalate, C2H5(C2O4)C2H5.



any acidic or neutral salt of oxalic acid, for example, HOOC—COOK and NaOOC—COONa.

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In analogous studies, occurrence of cell deaths concurrent with cellular proliferation and concentration as a result of interaction between the oxalate ions and renal tubular epithelium, were stated.
For this purpose, it was advisable to use two methods--centrifugation and sublimation drying which, unlike filtration, aimed at minimizing the contact of a precipitate with oxygen, which prevents oxidation of V (IV) to V (V), and, more likely, helps to remove impurities of oxalate ions.
Concomitant administration of rottlerin to hyperoxaluric rats maintained creatinine clearance and urinary excretion of calcium and free oxalate ions, but there was no significant change in alkaline phosphatase level in serum.