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The abandoned, horseshoe-shaped channel of a former stream meander after the stream formed a neck cutoff. Also known as abandoned channel.
A closely looping, U-shaped stream meander whose curvature is so extreme that only a neck of land remains between the two parts of the stream. Also known as horseshoe bend.



a section of a river channel fully or partially separated from the river. Oxbows occur as a result of changes in the channel, for example, when the river cuts through a meander neck or when shoals block a branch of the river. Oxbows are floodplain lakes, usually overgrown, which are flooded or connected with the river when the water level is high.

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The Oxbow Public Market represents the best of Napa Valley artisanal food and wine culture, and we are thrilled to open this investment through the RealCrowd platform.
The grown dog again rockets off, this time with the youngster on his heels, straight into the oxbow.
Over the next 20 years, while finless porpoise numbers plummeted in the main river, the population in the Tian-e-zhou oxbow slowly increased to 45, with up to six babies now born each year.
Selectmen issued a five-day liquor license suspension to Oxbow Variety in January 2013 for a second offense of selling alcohol to a minor.
Heyl & Patterson also plans to support Oxbow Carbon with spare parts, upgrades, retrofits, field service for the life of the equipment.
Although there are many benefits to this management, it also disrupts ecosystems that have evolved in response to regular flooding, and it reduces the supply of water that helps sustain water quality in oxbow lakes and wetlands.
Macrochelys temminckii restricted nesting activity to a 10-m buffer surrounding the perimeter of each oxbow, and, therefore, the available nesting area can be approximated by a closed linear loop with a distance equal to the perimeter of the oxbow (1,810 m for Oxbow 1; 4,478 m for Oxbow 2).
At the time, the Oxbow fire was Oregon's fifth largest fire of the 20th century (after the three Tillamook fires of 1933, '39 and '45 and the 1936 Bandon fire).
Wayne Lukas can win his fifth race at Belmont with Oxbow, Todd Pletcher can break a track record by fielding five horses including Revolutionary, and Rudy Rodriguez could make Vyjack the third gelding to ever win the Belmont.
Two slots outside Orb is his Preakness conqueror Oxbow, whose 50-year-old jockey Gary Stevens took full advantage once he was gifted a soft lead at Pimlico.
In Iowa, landscapes surrounding the watersheds that still support the Topeka shiner are littered with old oxbow scars.