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The abandoned, horseshoe-shaped channel of a former stream meander after the stream formed a neck cutoff. Also known as abandoned channel.
A closely looping, U-shaped stream meander whose curvature is so extreme that only a neck of land remains between the two parts of the stream. Also known as horseshoe bend.



a section of a river channel fully or partially separated from the river. Oxbows occur as a result of changes in the channel, for example, when the river cuts through a meander neck or when shoals block a branch of the river. Oxbows are floodplain lakes, usually overgrown, which are flooded or connected with the river when the water level is high.

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Occurrence, abundance, and associations of Topeka shiners and species of greatest conservation need in streams and oxbows of Iowa and Minnesota.
A recent status assessment (Bakevich et al., 2015) documented a substantial decline in Topeka shiner distribution in Iowa and suggested a pathway toward reversing this decline could be increasing the number of off-channel habitat (oxbow) restorations.
The investment will allow Oxbow to invest in expanding current and future software developments and fund new strategic marketing campaigns.
Oxbow was founded by Dan Krueger in 2013 to proactively address children's misuse of social media.
Water depth 2 m from the shoreline and percentage of ground cover appeared to be important factors in placement of nests at both oxbows. Woosley (2005) and Ewert and Jackson (1994) also found that female M.
Differences between variables of microhabitat at nest-sites at the two oxbows likely reflect differences in available habitat.
Check topo maps or ask your local conservation department where to find oxbow lakes that might provide waterfowling.
In Iowa, landscapes surrounding the watersheds that still support the Topeka shiner are littered with old oxbow scars.
Oxbow restoration is a major step towards recovery of the Topeka shiner in Iowa, since these off-channel ponds provide habitat in a landscape that has changed dramatically over the years.
The "Mississippi River oxbow gadwall hole" is a two-mile-long, 400-yard-wide stretch of water within a mile of the Mississippi.
Undeniably, the lack of public awareness of nature values and importance of oxbows (for some of the Vistula communes they are the last "oases of biodiversity") contributes to their destruction.
Technology Recovery Group (TRG) has acquired a 30 percent stake in Oxbow Social Media Monitoring, allowing Oxbow to invest in expanding current and future software developments, and fund new strategic marketing campaigns, the company said.