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see Buchman, Frank Nathan DanielBuchman, Frank Nathan Daniel
, 1878–1961, American evangelist, b. Pennsburg, Pa. The international movement he founded has been variously called First Century Christian Fellowship, the Oxford Group, Moral Re-Armament (often known as MRA), and Buchmanism.
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INFLUENCES: Inspired by a friend who had stopped drinking, Wilson went to meetings of the Oxford Group, an evangelical society founded in Britain by the American Frank Buchman.
Other frameworks in the InfoBasis library include SFIA v3 (Skills Framework for the Information Age), ITG Insurance, ITG Manufacturing, and The Oxford Group Behavioural framework - all of which can be deployed using the InfoBasis Enterprise Skills Infrastructure(TM) (InfoBasis ESI) platform.
The financier sought and found religion in the Oxford Group, a nondenominational organization devoted to re-experiencing the dynamism of the early days of Christianity through inspirational talks, group discussions, and mutual support.
The long-range plan, says Hairston, is to begin a teacher exchange program with the Oxford group.
Norah Cook's convictions spring from a journey of discovery which started in 1933, when, just after leaving university, she met the Oxford Group (now known as Initiatives of Change).
Bob Smith, an Akron, Ohio surgeon, had both been involved in the Oxford Group, a Christian movement that emphasized universal spiritual values in daily living.
However, we are glad that he recently said that the stance adopted, in particular, by the Oxford group (the bishops who wrote of their concerns in a joint letter) was one that was reasoned and raised serious theological issues and wasn't based on prejudice.
The Oxford group started life in the charts with one of their first singles Creep.
The groups he studies are the Keswick Convention; the Anglican Evangelical Group Movement (AEGM); traditional Wesleyan spirituality; Fellowship of the Kingdom; separatist spirituality; the spirituality of orthodox dissent; Pentecostal spirituality; and the Oxford Group.
The tack taken by the Oxford group - - packaging an unsuitable database as a refutation of the ABC link - - has a familiar ring to one familiar with the ABC literature.
For a couple of years in the mid-1930s, Sundkler was deeply involved in, and indeed a leader of, the Oxford Group movement (subsequently Moral Re-Armament) in Uppsala.
Based on the same results, the Oxford group has also discussed the possibility of a specialized centre for their production in the Skouriotissa region of the island (Stos-Gale et al.

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