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river: see Amu DaryaAmu Darya
or Amudarya
, river, c.1,600 mi (2,580 km) long, formed by the junction of the Vakhsh and Pandj rivers, which rise in the Pamir Mts. of central Asia.
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the name given the Amu Darya River in Greek, Latin, and medieval Western European sources.

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as Sultan of Great Seljuq, thus becoming the sole monarch of Persia from river Oxus to the Tigris.
This is where Ai Khanum the historical Alexandria on the Oxus lay sprawled deep down.
Wood and Bodkin have also run an expedition on horseback in efforts to locate the fabled source of the Oxus in the ice caves of the Wakhan.
Srivastava, Chief Policy Advisor, EY India; Surjit Bhalla, Managing Director, Oxus Research; Laveesh Bhandari, Director and Chief Economist, Indicus Analytics; M.
Provided assistance to OXUS microfinance institutions to simplify the loan application process for small and medium enterprises, resulting in loans to 1,840 clients (544 women), the creation of 1,849 jobs and the profitability of OXUS.
This statuette is one of the finest examples of work produced by a civilisation that flourished between 2300 and 1700 BCE in Central Asia: the Oxus civilisation, which produced a very unusual type of female statuary known as Bactrian "princesses".
Down the recent past account, Afghans pushed Soviet Union across Oxus River with ignominy while for now they are at a juncture where American led coalition of dozens of countries equipped with state of the art war technology, is pondering upon the zero sum game they have played in Afghanistan for thirteen long years.
Hacia 563 turcos y persas ya habian concluido la conquista del imperio heftalita y se lo habian dividido poniendo el rio Oxus (actual Amu Daria) como frontera entre sus dos Estados.
This treasure received the name of Amu Darya Treasure or Oxus Treasure.
Ardooyriver was the same as Oxus river which was the biggest, longest, widest and with the highest water level river of Iran during ancient times .