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river: see Amu DaryaAmu Darya
or Amudarya
, river, c.1,600 mi (2,580 km) long, formed by the junction of the Vakhsh and Pandj rivers, which rise in the Pamir Mts. of central Asia.
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the name given the Amu Darya River in Greek, Latin, and medieval Western European sources.

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Another autobiographical account of an archaeological couple--this time memoir rather than chronicle--is From the Oxus to Mysore in 1951: the start of a great partnership in Indian scholarship by RAYMOND ALLCHIN & BRIDGET ALLCHIN.
Economist, psephologist and chairman of Oxus Investment Surjit Bhalla said P is likely to damage Congress more than BJP.
The BMAC, also known as the Oxus civilization, is the modern archaeological designation for a Bronze Age civilization found in Central Asia.
A gold plaque from the Oxus Treasure with the representation of a priest shows the spread of the Zoroastrian religion at this time.
At his death in November 644, his rule extended from present-day Libya to the Indus river (present-day Afghanistan) and the Oxus river in the north.
Alexander Polikashin, who jointly founded Oxus Gold Group in 1996.
Chidambaram's tax collection assumptions are also under question, said Surjit Bhalla, chairman of Indian emerging markets investment firm Oxus.
Bhalla (chairman of Oxus Investments, a market advisory firm based in New Delhi, India) seeks to demonstrate the neglected role of currency undervaluation in economic (export-led) growth and to consider its implications for global economics.
Intrinsic Medical Imaging LLC, Oxus America and Sentio LLC will be showcased during a morning session titled "Michigan's Home-Grown Medical Device Revolution," which focuses on medical device innovations created by Michigan companies.
O mapa de Hereford informa que os hircani habitam perto do rio Oxus, e os habitantes das ilhas Eones vivem das aves marinhas, porem, no mais, permite inferir que viviam como o Mesmo.
On the territory of modern Turkmenistan and in neighboring regions of Central Asia around 4500 years ago highly developed civilizations formed, now known to specialists as the Bactro-Margiana-Archaeological Complex (BMAC), the Anau-Civilization or the Oxus Civilization.
This lecture will be delivered by Dr Surjit Singh Bhalla, Chairman, Oxus Investments India.