Oxygen Deficit

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oxygen deficit

[′äk·sə·jən ‚def·ə·sət]
The difference between the actual amount of dissolved oxygen in lake or sea water and the saturation concentration at the temperature of the water mass sampled.

Oxygen Deficit


oxygen debt, the additional amount of oxygen required by the body to oxidize the incompletely oxidized metabolic products that have accumulated after physical exertion.

Oxygen deficit is evidence that oxygen intake has failed to keep pace with the body’s need for oxygen during work. Determination of the oxygen deficit, by studying gas exchange, is important in solving certain questions of the physiology of work and sport. It is also important in evaluating the condition of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. The term “oxygen deficit” is sometimes taken to mean the difference between the body’s need for oxygen and the amount that it actually consumes under a variety of circumstances (oxygen deficiency, or hypoxia).

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The oxygen deficit was developed for detecting gas exchange inefficiency using a simple, non-invasive method.
In conclusion, minimally invasive tonsil surgery can effectively improve snoring, apnea, oxygen deficit and other conditions of affected children.
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I submit that rather than simply developing an oxygen deficit as a
According to the study by a team of Belfast researchers, some 54% of all passengers suffer a 6% oxygen deficit at maximum altitude, regardless of whether they are on long or short-haul flights.
A large hydroelectric impoundment known as Gulf Island Pond has had a dissolved oxygen deficit since it was built in the 1930s, and the mills contributed to build an innovative oxygenation system that has improved water quality.
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InStreem maintains an oxygen deficit condition in the lagoon and does not overaerate, while still allowing nutrient reduction to take place and bacteria to work on reducing the manure sediments.