Ozark Mountains

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Ozark Mountains,

Mo.: see Ozarks, theOzarks, the,
or Ozark Plateau,
upland region, actually a dissected plateau, c.50,000 sq mi (129,500 sq km), chiefly in S Mo. and N Ark., but partly in Oklahoma and Kansas, between the Arkansas and Missouri rivers.
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Previous to this paper, the only documented arthropod pests of smoketree were the notodontid moth, Datana perspicua Grote and Robinson (Lepidoptera: Notodontidae; Crocker & Simpson 1982), reported from a nursery plant in Texas, and the recently described gracillariid leafmining moth (Cameraria cotinivora Davis and Graves; Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae) in natural populations of smoketree on the Ozark Plateau (Davis & Graves 2016).
Environmental and hydrologic setting of the Ozark Plateaus study unit, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma.
Nitrogen and phosphorus concentrations and export from an Ozark Plateau catchment in the United States.
The Ozark Plateau NWR now consists of 10 tracts in Adair, Delaware, and Ottawa Counties, Oklahoma, totaling about 3,000 acres (1,215 hectares).
Larinus minutus emergence from capitula collected weekly from 3 release sites in the Ozark Plateau region of Arkansas in 2011.
The Ozark Plateau is higher in elevation than the Colorado Plateau.
With that in mind, the Arkansas Ecological Services Field Office of the Fish and Wildlife Service has introduced a karst conservation initiative for the Ozark Plateau region.
Ecologists have disagreed on whether the presettlement vegetation of the Ozark Plateau in Missouri and Arkansas was once a vast expanse of closed-canopy forest or a more open-canopy woodland.
In winter, the defoliated condition allows filtered views of distant Ozark Plateau horizons.
Study areas were located in northern Arkansas within the Boston Mountain physiographic section of the Ozark Plateau.
James at the Mill, at 3906 Great House Springs Road in Johnson, is famous for its Ozark Plateau Cuisine, which features ingredients local farmers grow exclusively for the chef.
In the Ozark Plateaus, this vegetation type occurs on

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