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(organic chemistry)
Any of the oily, thick, unstable compounds formed by reaction of ozone with unsaturated compounds; an example is oleic ozonide from the reaction of oleic acid and ozone.



a type of peroxide. Inorganic ozonides, for example, KO3, contain the molecular ion O-3, the ozonide ion. In organic ozonides the O3 grouping is covalently bonded to two radicals, as in

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However, the researchers discovered that, when the fluid is acidic--a pathological condition found in asthmatics--ascorbic acid instead reacts with ozone to form potentially harmful compounds ca]led ozonides.
3] and biomolecules to form ozonides and free radicals triggers inflammatory responses and systemic oxidative stress in the cardiorespiratory system (Srebot et al.
In addition to peroxides, peroxyhydrates, peroxopolyoxometallates, superoxides, and ozonides are known peroxo compounds.
Then, the decomposition of ozonides produces inert substances such as alcohol, ketone or acid.
Peroxides could be formed (23) and their decomposition (14) could result in the formation of carbonyls (22), carboxylic acids (24), ethers (22), hydroxyls (25), and ozonides (22).