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1] concerns sequences satisfying the lower p-frame condition, but the proof that C is closed does not use the validity of the lower p-frame condition.
Stoeva, Connection Betweeen the Lower p-Frame Condition and Existence of Reconstruction Formulas in a Banach Space and its Dual, Ann.
6 rate control [4], we encoded an I-frame followed by P-frame of Foreman sequence at 16 kbps with frame rate of 10 fps.
In frame layer rate control, the objective of this stage is to determine the number of target bit budget for each P-frame.
The first I-frame and the first P-frame of the GOP are coded by using Q[P.
Step 1: The number of bits used in the previous P-frame is used to compute the target bits, f([n.
Step 2 : The current buffer occupancy and buffer size information are used to compute the target bits for each P-frame, f([n.