Publius Cornelius Dolabella

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Dolabella, Publius Cornelius


Born circa 69 B.C.; died circa 43 B.C., in Laodicea. Ancient Roman political leader. Cicero’s son-in-law.

Dolabella was allied with Caesar in the Civil War during the last years of the Republic (49-45 B.C.). As a tribune in 47 B.C., he attempted unsuccessfully to promulgate a law providing for the abolition of debts. Dolabella accompanied Caesar to Africa and Spain. After Caesar’s assassination, Dolabella’s allegiance wavered between the conspirators and Mark Antony. In 43 B.C., Dolabella was chosen to govern the province of Syria. That same year, the Senate proclaimed him banished for the murder of one of Caesar’s assassins, Trebonius. Dolabella’s place of exile, Laodicea, was captured by Cassius. Dolabella committed suicide.