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see political action committeepolitical action committee
(PAC), U.S. organization formed by a corporation, labor union, or association to raise money for political activity. Funds can be gathered by voluntary contributions from members, employees, or shareholders.
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(1) See perceptual audio coding.

(2) (Programmable Automation Controller) A programmable microprocessor-based device that is used for discrete manufacturing, process control and remote monitoring applications. Designed for use in rugged, industrial environments, PACs combine the functions of a programmable logic controller (PLC) with the greater flexibility of a PC. They are also more easily set up for data collection and integration with the company's business applications than PLCs.

Although each PAC vendor uses its own development environment (IDE) and programming language, PAC networking is typically based on IP and Ethernet. Taking advantage of off-the-shelf microprocessors, PACs were developed in the 1990s to provide a single industrial controller that would provide the functions of a DCS and PLC. The term was coined in 2001 by the ARC Advisory Group ( Contrast with PLC and DCS.

PACs in Operation
The large white boxes are Opto 22 SNAP PACs in Chevron's Richmond, Virginia research facility. Processing the PID loops, the wires come from thermocouples that sense pipe temperature in a laboratory test that analyzes the best way to break down crude oil. The PACs determine when to raise and lower temperatures, and the three modules with the black sockets send digital signals to the heaters (cables not connected in this image). (Image courtesy of Opto 22,
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When a PAC makes a contribution, it sends a strong, collective message that NAA's membership has an interest in the industry.
Pombo, who took $14,500 in 1995 Superfund PAC money and $16,075 in overall polluter PAC funding, could manage no more than an 8 on LCV's 1995 scorecard.
The defense contractors' practice of rewarding their supporters with PAC contributions has been described by dome as legalized bribery.
There is something serious) wrong with a candidate having 40 percent or more of his campaign spending financed by out-of-state PACs and individual donors.
Charles Frazier, Washington director of theNational Farmer's Organization, a small PAC, says he gets as many as 100 invitations a week, ten times the number he used to.
In November 1983, Markey created his second PAC around another hot issue, U.
Table 2: Leading Players in the US Market for PACS (2006): Market Share Breakdown for GE Healthcare, Philips/Stentor, Siemens Medical, Fujifilm, AGFA Gevaert, Mckesson (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-9
As the benefits of PACS outside radiology are realized, demand will continue to increase 8
Attendees at the breast center conference will be able to try out the PACS used at Sansum during Tuesday's "Digital Hands-On Session.
Show examples of its capability to migrate significant amounts of data from a legacy PACS to a new DR Systems PACS.
In addition to its overall top ranking, DR Systems led in several other categories for PACS vendors, including "Technology Easy to Implement/Support" and "Works as Promoted.