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1. a measure of length equal to the average length of a stride, approximately 3 feet
2. any of the manners in which a horse or other quadruped walks or runs, the three principal paces being the walk, trot, and canter (or gallop)
3. a manner of moving, natural to the camel and sometimes developed in the horse, in which the two legs on the same side of the body are moved and put down at the same time
4. Architect a step or small raised platform

landing, pace, stair landing

The horizontal platform at the end of a stair flight or between two flights of stairs.


A seldom-used term for stair landing.


A CPU based on the Nova design, but with 16-bit addressing, more addressing modes and a 10 level stack (like the Intel 8008).
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To take part in the training programme, interested parties should register at PACI offices in the governorates before Thursday.
Besides the Sultanate, represented by PACI, seventeen of the world's leading countries in craft industries and professions take part in the exhibition, namely Bahrain, Qatar, Yemen, Egypt, Lebanon, Algeria, Jordan, Morocco, Palestine, Iran, India, Sri Lanka, China, Thailand, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and South Africa.
F5 helps ensure PACI's infrastructure delivers a world-class service that
of PACI, will personally felicitate family members of these craftsmen on the day.
Atout said Diyar United was proud of its co-operation with PACI and Equate to execute the unique project for using the Smart Civil ID and integrating it with the self-service kiosks to issue HR certificate for Equate's employees.
Paci says his Italian pizza is 'the best' and is fresh and tasty because of its fast cooking time.
Paci's hardly one to run from pain and fear, and she faces both head on in a variety of ways.
"Paci c Care's aim and focus is to provide all residents with a comfortable, welcoming and secure environment, where every client is treated with courtesy, dignity and respect.
Brought to the screen by Hollywood royalty Spielberg and Hanks with their executive producer hats on, e Paci c is a companion piece to their previous World War II epic Band of Brothers, which told the story of the 101st US Airborne Division's Easy Company and their campaign in Europe.
The Iranian Student Group at UCLA hosted its third annual fashion show fundraiser Sunday with proceeds going to the Persian American Cancer Institute (PACI).
Using Bangladesh as an example, Paci and Sasin (The World Bank) show how the link between generating income and reducing poverty is not as clear-cut as one would think, and other variables such as rural and urban living conditions, women and children in the labor force and self-employment must be considered.
In-line Powdered Activated Carbon Injection (PACI), or the Totally Enclosed Treatment System (TETS[TM]) is currently recognized as the Best Available Control Technology (BACT) by the EPA for removing mercury from off-gases from furnaces being directed to dry emission control equipment, Fabric Filters (Baghouses).