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Increasing criticisms to EBP include authors turning it on its head and arguing that what is happening in practice is "Policy Based Evidence Making" (PBEM) as a form of misuse of evidence in policy making (SANDERSON, 2011; STRASSHEIM & KETTUNEN, 2014; TORRITI, 2010).
Although the poem bears a light tone - the effect of its incongruent dismissiveness in songlike meter - Smith did not intend it to be comic and was perturbed enough by Punch's assessment of it as "funny" to delete the accompanying drawing until it reappeared in her Collected Pbems (Barbera and McBrien 186).
In "Cool as a Cucumber," for example (Collected Pbems 240), the fairy tale figure Mary, empowered by an experience at the wishing well that leaves her "cursed" in the eyes of the several speakers of the poem, never enters the poem to articulate her new and perhaps liberating knowledge; she is instead given to us through the refractions of the several kinds of discourse employed by surrounding voices.