PC keyboard

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PC keyboard

There are myriad styles of keyboards for desktop PCs: wired and wireless; extra media keys; built-in trackballs; ergonomic split keyboards; spill-resistant and industrial rated. Ranging in price from USD $10 to $150, there is a difference (see premium keyboard). PC keyboards also work on the Mac.

A Keyboard Comedy
Since the IBM PC debuted in 1981, there have been four standard keyboard layouts, each one rearranging commonly used keys that annoy users to this day. For example, the Control key, used extensively in word processing, was originally easy to reach, only to be moved to an awkward location (see Control key).

PC - AT - Enhanced - Windows
Undersized Enter and left Shift keys on the original IBM PC keyboard were corrected on the IBM PC AT's keyboard, but it had a smaller Backspace key (see PC/XT keyboard and AT keyboard). The subsequent Enhanced keyboard fixed the Backspace key but relocated Control, Alt and function keys (see Enhanced keyboard). That was superseded by the Windows keyboard, which only added function keys, and desktop PC keyboards today use this last layout (see Windows keyboard).

From DIN to USB
The first PC keyboards connected via 5- and 6-pin DIN plugs, which were replaced by USB. During the transition, third-party keyboards came with USB-to-DIN adapters. See legacy port and DIN connector. For all the keyboard entries in this encyclopedia, see keyboard.

The Last Keyboard Standard
The Windows keyboard added the Windows and Menu function keys and is the last PC keyboard standard. See Windows keyboard. (Image courtesy of Das Keyboard, www.daskeyboard.com)
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It is a versatile titrator in the middle class Titrino range, combining the functionality and flexibility of their best-selling 716 DMS Titrino with comfortable operator guidance on an LCD screen, comprehensive GLP functions and the possibility of connecting the system to a PC keyboard and/or bar-code reader.
To call someone, a user would typically access the individual's number in the PBX database via the PC and press the "dial" button on the PC keyboard.
Operating in an MS-DOS environment, Compu-Media's Optical Archive Scanning System's basic hardware package includes a single/multiple input document scanner, an optical disc drive, a high-resolution monitor, a PC keyboard interface, and a laser printer.
This vandal-resistant metal keyboard and integrated trackball from EAO is tough without sacrificing the smooth key action of a normal PC keyboard.
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At a street price of $349, Compaq offers a Visioneer PaperPort built into a high-quality PC keyboard.
The Buffalo and Erie County Library System took a technological step forward last summer when it began replacing the card catalog in its fifty-three branches with a computerized online reference section that allows the public to quickly find great literature, magazine articles, or other library material with a few strokes of a PC keyboard.
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Known for the release of the industry's first illuminated backlit PC keyboard, the newly expanded Eclipse range marries cutting edge technology with sophisticated style.
The iGUGU Gamecore system consists of a compact wireless controller which incorporates a robust set of controls, freeing the gamer from the need to use a traditional PC keyboard or mouse and a kit to connect the computer to any TV.