PC motherboards

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PC motherboards

Following is a list of motherboard types and form factors that have been used in PCs since the first IBM PC in 1981. The "TX" stands for "Technology Extended."

Year            Width-LengthIntr. Type      (Inches)BTX (Balanced TX)
 2004  BTX       12.8x10.5
 2004  microBTX  10.4x10.5
 2004  picoBTX      8x10.5

 ATX (Advanced TX)
 1999  FlexATX    9x7.5
 1997  microATX   9.6x9.6
 1996  Mini ATX  11.2x8.2
 1995  ATX        12x9.6
 1995  EATX       12x13

 ITX - (Information TX)
 2009  Mobile ITX  2.4x2.4
 2007  Pico ITX    3.9x2.8
 2005  Nano ITX    4.7x4.7
 2002  Mini ITX    6.7x6.7

 WTX (Workstation TX)
 1998  WTX       14x16.75

  (Cards plug into riser)
 2002  EmbATX   9.6x9.6
 1997  NLX        9x13.6
 1987  LPX        9x13
 1987  Mini LPX   9x11

 1987  Micro AT   8.5x8.5
 1987  Baby AT    8.5x13
 1984  AT          12x13
 1981  PC/XT      8.5x13
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"Adding the SiI 4723 to a Desktop motherboard shows ASUSTeK's innovative thinking and leadership in the PC motherboard space," said Dale Zimmerman, vice president of marketing at Silicon Image.
Backed by its global brand recognition, Asrock Inc., a large-sized Taiwanese maker of PC motherboards, has also shown its interest in supplying tablet PCs to generic brands but claimed that it won't rush to join the competition until a well-tailored strategy of product differentiation is made.
Due to its wide input voltage range of 2.5V - 28V, the SP7655 can be used in a wide variety of applications, such as PC motherboards, storage area networks (SAN), plasma TVs, bar code scanners, routers and VGA cards.
SST's ADM products are designed to serve as a replacement for conventional magnetic IDE hard disk drives in standard PC motherboards. The ADM product family is well suited for applications such as set-top boxes, thin client systems, network computers, Internet appliances and other PC-based systems, since it allows designers to offer new and expanded functionality while still enabling cost effective designs.
The partnership will allow the former to adopt the latter's VirtuTM GPU virtualization software widely on its 6 series PC motherboards, benefiting Gigabyte greatly.
Asustek reported combined revenue of NT73.9 billion, an operating margin of 4.7% and EPS (earnings per share) of NT$5.5 for the first quarter of this year, with 5.7 million PC motherboards, 2.8 million notebook PCs, 1.3 million netbook PCs and a small number of tablet PCs shipped during the period.
Intel launched Sandy Bridge processors early this year, but it soon notified subcontract suppliers of PC motherboards to stop shipping the boards as soon as Cougar Point was identified shortcoming.
4, 2010 (CENS) -- Having raked in banner profits in the past three quarter of this year, Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd., a world-caliber manufacturer of PC motherboards and related electronic devices, is believed to achieve full-year EPS (earnings per share) of over NT$3.5 in the year, according to institutional investors.
1, 2010 (CENS) -- The Taiwan-based Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd., a leading supplier of PC motherboards, has landed a big order for set-top boxes for Google TV, and reportedly started delivery for a time, which will pump considerable growth momentum into the firm's shipment in the fourth quarter, according to industry sources.
Taipei, March 12, 2010 (CENS)--Since HannStar Board Corp., the world's largest supplier of notebook PC motherboards, announced its seeking of strategic partnerships in late 2009, with about 10 international companies in Europe, the U.S., Japan, China and Taiwan responding, according to company chairman T.P.
HannStar Board and GCE delivered 67 million and 29 million notebook PC motherboards last year, respectively, together accounting for about 60% of the global supply.
3, 201 (CENS) -- With its reinvested business of notebook PCs and handsets expected to improve, Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd., a world-caliber supplier of PC motherboards, is expected to attain EPS (earnings per share) of NT$3.3-3.4 this year, according to the firm.