PC motherboards

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PC motherboards

Following is a list of motherboard types and form factors that have been used in PCs since the first IBM PC in 1981. The "TX" stands for "Technology Extended."

Year            Width-LengthIntr. Type      (Inches)BTX (Balanced TX)
 2004  BTX       12.8x10.5
 2004  microBTX  10.4x10.5
 2004  picoBTX      8x10.5

 ATX (Advanced TX)
 1999  FlexATX    9x7.5
 1997  microATX   9.6x9.6
 1996  Mini ATX  11.2x8.2
 1995  ATX        12x9.6
 1995  EATX       12x13

 ITX - (Information TX)
 2009  Mobile ITX  2.4x2.4
 2007  Pico ITX    3.9x2.8
 2005  Nano ITX    4.7x4.7
 2002  Mini ITX    6.7x6.7

 WTX (Workstation TX)
 1998  WTX       14x16.75

  (Cards plug into riser)
 2002  EmbATX   9.6x9.6
 1997  NLX        9x13.6
 1987  LPX        9x13
 1987  Mini LPX   9x11

 1987  Micro AT   8.5x8.5
 1987  Baby AT    8.5x13
 1984  AT          12x13
 1981  PC/XT      8.5x13
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Taipei, May 13, 2011 (CENS) -- Renewing shipments that were delayed, Taiwan's top two PC motherboard manufacturers, Gigabyte Technology Co.
Overall, the firm's business prospects for the second quarter are positive, with shipments of its major product lines, including PC motherboards, notebook PCs, netbook PCs and tablet PCs, to grow or remain the same as recorded in the first quarter, indicated Shen.
The company aims to ship 40 million notebook PC motherboards, up 37.
As to its core business, Gigabyte shipped around 19 million PC motherboards last year, and the firm optimistically plans to drive up the figure by 10% to over 20 million this year due to market recovery in Europe and strong demand in emerging markets as China.
Most PC motherboards now provide FireWire400, and new motherboards equipped with 1394b have been announced by Intel, Gigabyte, Asustek and Foxconn during this year, Snider said.
At present, PC motherboards contribute 70% to the firm's total sales revenue, including 40% from models bought by Chinese generic PC brands.
Using working PC motherboards, ON Semiconductor has demonstrated the VR10- and VR11-compliant performance of the dual-edge NCP5381 PWM controller," said Michael Stapleton, director of ON Semiconductor's Analog Computing Products Group.
SAO PAULO, Brazil -- Intel Capital, Intel Corporation's venture investment group, today announced it has agreed to invest in secured convertible notes issued by Digitron, the leading manufacturer of PC motherboards in Brazil.
These are used in a wide range of applications including PC motherboards, PC peripherals, graphic cards, HDDs, CD and DVD players, PDA, electronic dictionary, digital cameras, modems and several other applications.
As one of the prime manufacturers of leading edge graphics cards and PC motherboards, PC Partner can offer competitive supply while maintaining the highest quality standards, which are both essential as Perfisans increases its share of this rapidly growing market place.
leaders in audio solutions for the PC platform, to offer DTS audio technologies with both companies' popular chip sets for PC motherboards, and PCI or USB soundcards.
Prior to Intel Capital, he headed various Intel groups responsible for products including communications, enterprise servers, and desktop PC motherboards.