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Tenders Are Invited for Hiring of Pc200 Hydraulic Excavator Hiring of Front End Loader Hiring of 2 Dumpers 300cft Each (60days X 2) Hiring of Road Roller (10t Capacity) Hiring of Breaker Cutting Machine Including Labour.
Backhoe shovels used in the project Model Number BS DD DH W HP (cu m) (m) (m) (ton) Komatsu PC220 5 1.28 6.7 7.035 22.84 168 Komatsu PC200 4 1.17 6.89 6.095 20.63 155 Hyundai 250LC 2 1.07 6.05 6.86 25.49 163 Hyundai 320LC 2 1.14 6.37 7.05 32 237 New Holland E265 BJ 1 1.1 7.01 7.7 28.27 184 New Holland E215 3 1.223 6.7 9.47 21.7 150 BJ-ST Daewoo Doosan 230 3 0.92 6.61 6.985 21.5 163 Table 11.
today announced that Electroplating Engineers of Japan, Limited ("EEJA") will begin providing the PALLADEX PC200 palladium-cobalt alloy plating solution on November 9, 2011.
A stroke-boom delimber (PC200 Komatsu) was used for processing trees and a log loader (PC220 Komatsu) was used for loading logs onto the truck.
"I trusted this machine because its engine is the same as the PC200 and PC220 excavators," says Geary.
The Taiwanese company unveiled Joshua at series of seminars entitled 'PC200', which it held in Tokyo, Japan last week with AMD, Nvidia Corp, Micron Technologies Inc, S3 Inc and others.
Limited Tenders are invited for Hiring Of Pc200 Hydraulic Excavator, Front End Loader, 2 Dumpers-300Cft Each (60Days X 2), Road Roller (10T Capacity And Breaker- Cutting Machine Including Labour, Scope Of Work As Per Annexure-I.
Tenders are invited for Procurement Of Pto Assembly Is Required For Pc200 Excavator Working In Rg Oc2
Tenders are invited for hiring of hitachi pc200 for removal of debris from the kapra lake of ganesh idols and durgamatha idols immersed and leveling of undulation of road and removal of side berms for transport of ganesh / durgamatha idols immersion roads and link roads.
Tenders are invited for Hiring one PC200 Excavator (or) Equivalent Equipment to Perungudi Dumping Ground for garbage handling for 1000 hours on per hour basis.
Delivering up to 1.9-horsepower cutting power, the new air-powered 1ST PC200 from Pipeline Renewal Technologies (PRT) makes quick work of lateral reinstatement.
Tenders are invited for Hiring of Hydraulic Excavator (Ex200 / PC200) and Dumpers (25 Ton Capacity) for Lowering of River bed downstream of TRC for TLD-IIIPS.