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A simply typed, functional language.

["Fully Abstract Translations Between Functional Languages", J. Riecke, 18th POPL, pp. 245-254 (1991)].

["LCF Considered as a Programming Language", Theor CS 5:223, 1977].


Abbr. for “pounds per cubic foot.”
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The president PCF said that law and order has resorted in
The president PCF said that law and order has resorted in the country and after holding cricket matches, the PCF is organizing cycling races of international level like Tour De France Cycle Race with the support of federal government and Pak Army.
Scott Maybury, CEO at PCF Bank, said, 'Customers expect to apply for and open new deposit accounts with an immediate decision.
The PCF exists solely through donations made by industry supporters, businesses and individuals.
Jean Elleinstein now decided to shine a critical light on his own party and began to question the PCF leadership's doctrinal rigidity and refusal, for example, to publish the new research done by CERM on the modern state.
PCF offers a broad range of services and solutions to support growth and operational efficiency.
According to the sources, PCF was tested on various varieties of grape plants including Kyoho Grape, Alexandria Grape, Kyoho, Beni-Ballade grapes in green house and Campbell grapes where it was applied for two times after bearing.
damages is not binding on the PCF, (52) and (2) the health care
We use polyethylene as a material of PCF, which can be easily got.
The DILG has reminded LGUs that they should use the PCF to support the advocacy of the government in improving over-all LGU performance in governance and delivery of basic services.