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A simply typed, functional language.

["Fully Abstract Translations Between Functional Languages", J. Riecke, 18th POPL, pp. 245-254 (1991)].

["LCF Considered as a Programming Language", Theor CS 5:223, 1977].
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Abbr. for “pounds per cubic foot.”
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NA is the important parameter which react the light collecting capability of PCF, which is defined as:
The nonlinear PCF exhibits weak group velocity dispersion (GVD) and a small dispersion slope, which provides the feasibility of broadband operating.
"Ten years ago her ambition would have been unthinkable but with the help of Jane and the support provided by the PCF School, Judith's dream could now one day become a reality."
While the authorities were chalking out a strategy to trace the foodgrain, it was reported on Monday that 3,500 tonnes of wheat was missing from the PCF warehouse in Sitapur district.
The PCF successfully secured a section on continence within the Child Standard in the NSF (DH, 2004b).
The PCF elections were held on August 26 wherein besides other office-bearers Nisar and Moazaam both were elected as secretaries, with the former serving for the first two years and the latter for the remaining two years.
The POA, the country's National Olympic Association recently in response to a PCF request to send its representative to witness the election process, wrote a letter to the UCI, telling the game's world governing body that the scheduled PCF elections were not appropriate as it (POA) had suspended its affiliation owing to non-fulfillment necessary requirements.
In February 2017, PCF partnered with BHMS Investments, LP to accelerate the company's growth through a series of retail agency acquisitions.
PCF includes a widely deployed distribution of Cloud Foundry Application Runtime (CFAR) and allows customers to implement the same application platform on any major vendor's cloud, on premises or in a hybrid model.
The Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) has revised its Guidelines on Recognised Markets to introduce new requirements to facilitate the new Property Crowdfunding (PCF), said Chairman Datuk Syed Zaid Albar.
The Port of Cromarty Firth (PCF) has taken delivery of millions of tonnes of infrastructure for five major construction projects in the north and north-east.