Peripheral Component Interconnect

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peripheral component interconnect

[pə‚rif·ə·rəl kəm‚pō·nənt ′in·tər·‚kə·nek]
(computer science)
A bus standard for connecting additional input/output devices (such as graphics or modem cards) to a personal computer. Abbreviated PCI.

Peripheral Component Interconnect

(PCI) A standard for connecting peripherals to a personal computer, designed by Intel and released around Autumn 1993. PCI is supported by most major manufacturers including Apple Computer. It is technically far superior to VESA's local bus. It runs at 20 - 33 MHz and carries 32 bits at a time over a 124-pin connector or 64 bits over a 188-pin connector. An address is sent in one cycle followed by one word of data (or several in burst mode).

PCI is used in systems based on Pentium, Pentium Pro, AMD 5x86, AMD K5 and AMD K6 processors, in some DEC Alpha and PowerPC systems, and probably Cyrix 586 and Cyrix 686 systems. However, it is processor independent and so can work with other processor architectures as well.

Technically, PCI is not a bus but a bridge or mezzanine. It includes buffers to decouple the CPU from relatively slow peripherals and allow them to operate asynchronously.
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When the PCIe to PCI bridge was originally envisioned, it was in a forward-mode application--that is, for bridging a PCIe root complex to one or more PCI (or PCI-X) bus(es).
PureSpec models all devices in the PCI Express topology, including the root complex, switch, endpoint, and PCI Express to PCI bridge.
For PCI Express, PureSpec models all devices in the topology, including the root complex, switch, endpoint, and PCI Express to PCI bridge.
An InfiniBand bridge has replaced the PCI bridge in the host chipset.
To deliver the 8X performance improvement, the company leveraged PCI Express technology, relieved the contention of going through a PCI bridge and used high bandwidth 4X cables to connect the host card to the expansion chassis.
QuickLogic is the only IC vendor to offer PCI bridge products with on-chip FPGAs.
The PCI bridge family and our USB products are increasingly used in industrial computing and consumer applications.
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designs PCI bridges, PCI mastering high speed HDLC controllers for high speed communications and provides a family of companion PCI solutions for the telecommunications system, video conferencing system and server systems with PCI bus backbones.
The bridge is drop-in, pin-for-pin and software compatible with industry standard PCI bridges.