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(Peripheral Component Interconnect eXtended) A 64-bit bus technology that is backward compatible with PCI and used in servers for high-speed networking and fast hard drives. PCI cards can be plugged into a PCI-X slot, and PCI-X cards can be plugged into a 32-bit PCI slot, even allowing part of the edge connector to hang over the slot, providing nothing on the motherboard is in its way.

Introduced in 1999 and developed by IBM, HP and Compaq, PCI-X offered more speed than PCI and steadily increased to more than 30 times that of the original PCI bus. The peak bandwidth of the PCI-X bus ranged from 133 to 4262 MBytes/sec. Although a greatly enhanced Version 2.0 was introduced in 2002, it was not widely used, and PCI-X in all its versions has been superseded by PCI Express (PCIe). For data rate comparisons of all PCI technologies, see PCI-SIG.

Some Name Confusion
PCI-X is also abbreviated PCX, which sounds like shorthand for "PCI Express." However, the official abbreviation of PCI Express is "PCIe." See PCI Express.

PCI-X Slots
PCI-X motherboards came with a mix of PCI and PCI-X buses. The long green slots are PCI-X, which accepted PCI-X and PCI cards. (Image courtesy of Giga-byte Technology Company Ltd., www.giga-byte.com)
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PCIX will combine the marketing and product development strength of HBA Global Expo with the technical strength of CPhI Worldwide, the leading international organizer of pharmaceutical ingredient events, to bring together the formulation and ingredient companies that are at the forefront of a new exciting trend in personal care product development.
By having PCIX co-located with the established HBA Global Expo, attendees will now be immersed in the entire product development process including the latest trends in ingredients and formulation," said Jack Gonzalez, show director of HBA Global Expo and PCIX.
PCIX will also include the 4th Annual Product Development Technical Conference.
According to show organizers, PCIX will enable technical and marketing personnel the opportunity to meet with suppliers of naturals, vitamins, essential oils, botanicals, cosmetic and pharmaceutical ingredients.
The PCIX board serves a dual purpose, both as a platform for verifying PCI-X cores and as a direct connection between a HAPS system and a PCI/PCI-X bus.
The new PCIX board is compatible with both 32 and 64 bit PCI-X buses in frequencies up to 133 MHz.
And if that's not enough, stacking the PCIX board directly on a large HAPS mother board will remove the bottleneck completely.
An important advantage using the PCIX board for verifying PCI/PCI-X cores is that the PCI/PCI-X bus is not disturbed even if the design under test is not behaving properly.
5 inch hard disk drives; dual 1 GB Ethernet connected to two switch blades; video controllers with VGA and SVGA resolutions and support for USB CD-ROM and FDD; plus one low-profile PCIx slot for various add-on cards options such as FCAL, iSCSI, and gigabit Ethernet.
In addition, National is using several of Verisity's e Verification Components (eVCs) for standard interfaces such as AMBA AHB, USB and PCIX.